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consumers of today

Yesterday’s Consumer vs. Today

In this blog, we talk a lot about how the landscape of commerce is changing. This change is directly related to the diversification of the consumer. Businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to adapt to market demands. It becomes more and...

the shopping experience

The Evolution of the Shopping Experience

Commerce has evolved exponentially over the past few decades. Online shopping is one of the most frequent activities that is engaged in on the internet. Millions of people from every country participate in it daily. This provides a demand that...

consumer motivation

Understand What Motivates Your Consumers

Let’s face it, there are about five thousand books on business strategies. They have been visualized endlessly but all of them are designed to help you run and grow your business efficiently. While we can go into all of them, instead we’ll...

branding with SeeBiz

Make an Impact With Branding on SeeBiz

In a previous article, we talked about the strength of branding in a niche market. For one, products that fall under this category have less competition. The market does not have a lot of alternatives to the product. Another lies in the strength of...

reduce marketing costs

Cut Marketing Costs with SeeBiz

It is a common case among startup businesses that one of the lessons learned within the first year is that costs are always far more than you would expect. This reveals a universal and age-old truth about enterprising: You need to spend money to...

niche market beyond the marketplace

Go Beyond the Marketplace with SeeBiz

Figuring out your business strategy also comes with the key understanding that even the best product lineup cannot please everybody. It’s a fact. In business, as in life, you can’t please everybody. Marketing 101: You can’t be everything to...

competition in business

View Your Competition from a Different Angle

All too often, the word “competition” is perceived as having a stigma attached to it. It is seen as a rivalry, something to contend with, to defeat in a neck-and-neck race of becoming number one within an industry where everybody’s trying to do the...

MAGIC Las Vegas 2019

MAGIC Las Vegas 2019 Trade Show

MAGIC trade show in Las Vegas is the premier fashion trade show held in Las Vegas twice a year. It is arguably the largest trade show in the United States and it’s among the top ten international trade shows. All of the top fashion decision-makers...

e-commerce platform vs. SeeBiz platform

The E-Commerce Platform vs. SeeBiz Platform

Major trends in the e-commerce platform are actively shaping the way the entire world makes their purchases. These trends are drastically influential to the worldwide shopping experience. So which online platform is here for the long run? Firstly...

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