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The Effects of E-Commerce On the Wholesale Industry

It is no secret that e-commerce is taking over the wholesale industry. This widespread disruption is causing every wholesaler, importer, manufacturer, distributor, and retailer to utterly redefine their marketing strategy. This dramatic shift is...

Printed or Digital Catalogs

What to Pick: Printed or Digital Catalogs?

The product catalog is essential to b2b business now. They are as significant and operational nowas they have ever been. It is essential to provide the concrete experience that connects the consumer to the brand. When building a brand impact, its...

Improve Your ROI By Using a Social Networking Platform

Achieve Your ROI By Using a Social Networking Platform

Different b2b companies and businesses are using social media sites for their product marketing and brand awareness. Social media networks provide you with the edge to identify your target audience and successfully target them. Social media...

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