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6 Best Features to Look For In Inventory and Order Management Solutions

Researching and finding inventory and order management solutions is no easy task for wholesalers. There are tons of available software solutions tailored for specific types of businesses. Finding where you fit into the scheme of things is where you can start. What type of business do you run? 

From here you can search for specific challenges you are facing. For instance, when you have trouble maintaining a consistent inventory count, there is likely a solution for this problem. Using an inventory and order management solution will only help your business run more efficiently in the long-run.

What you may not know is that an inventory management system can do more for your business than just counting products. Take advantage of the support from advanced tools that are available now. You will see your business run smoother and solve a lot of issues that are currently giving you a headache. Your employees will thank you too for improving operations. Here are some things to look out for in great inventory and order management solutions for wholesalers in today’s modern b2b industry.

Keeping Track of Stock

Whether you are choosing an inventory management system or an order management system, keeping detailed track of your stock is a key feature to look for. When a product arrives in your warehouse you want to be able to track where it is, at all times. If a purchase has been made, then you should be able to find a specific product right away with no issues.

The information you gain from this system will also help in forecasting customer demands for products. It is important to know when you are running low on a top-selling product so that you can make adjustments and order more stock. Having this information available at any time will make product ordering and tracking much easier for you and your employees.

Products are More Organized in your Warehouse

Everything is moving towards digital in the business world. This means that electronic cataloging of products is not only a necessity but also the future of the b2b industry. Therefore, your inventory or order management system must be able to digitally track your wholesale products. The feature of uploading or scanning barcodes in your product catalog is a fundamental part of a product management system.

Using this tool to track how and where your products are in your warehouse will keep your stock organized. This strategy eliminates errors and the chance of losing inventory. In addition, you can track the data about how many products are moving to see which products are more popular. The best selling products can determine customer trends and influence future product development. Determining this information can help to increase sales further down the road.

Track Purchase and Sales Orders

Using paper methods of tracking purchase and sales orders is a thing of the past. Having a readily accessible digital account of every order made is much more productive. Keeping track of orders using a system provides you with security. You know that each record is correct because it was stored after a purchase was made. When customers come back to purchase from you again, you now have a full record of everything they ordered in the past. This data allows you to tailor discounts or special pricing based on a particular customer’s interests.

Track Purchase and Sales Orders

The records of purchase data you keep will become more streamlined as well. You don’t lose anything when a foolproof system is in place. Tracking orders is a huge part of maintaining customer relationships too. They will see how knowledgeable and organized you are just by pulling up what they have ordered in the past.

Custom-Made Invoices

Being able to make customized invoices isn’t a mandatory feature of a management system, but it is very helpful. This integration into an inventory system is beneficial because you can access these invoices for a variety of data. Generating relevant invoices is a supporting feature during the sales process as well.

Your buyers and sellers will appreciate the added details that support their purchasing decisions. Invoices are useful to organize your sales, as well as, your customer’s purchases. Make sure the inventory or order management system you choose can generate and store invoices.

Improve Customer Service with Communication Tools

Customer service is an added bonus in the system you choose to support your operations. Being able to analyze your inventory and orders is one thing, but managing your customer relationships is another sizable part of running your business more productively. A lack of communication with customers tends to be the root of a lot of major problems in business.

Having communication tools integrated into your management systems is a no brainer. What if you could contact your customers during and after they make their purchases? Well, this is already happening across many e-commerce sites. Big companies have taken the opportunity to make sure the customer is always satisfied. You can take this approach too!

By using communication tools included with your management system you can improve customer communication. Learn right away when an issue arises and work to fix it as soon as it happens. You can also collect data on which products customers are happiest with. Communication tools provide your business with valuable data you won’t find on an ordinary datasheet.

Other Challenges: Costs and Networking

Wholesalers in the b2b industry today face a number of other challenges that can be solved by using a supporting system. The costs of marketing, trade shows, printed catalogs, and networking weigh heavily on the wholesaler. Trade shows alone account for thousands of dollars of your marketing budget. This used to be the way wholesalers would network and make strong connections, but with new technology, this method is outdated. Printing product catalogs consumes an enormous amount of time and money as well. Updating product catalogs is extremely costly, especially if you are debuting new products often.

E-commerce has provided solutions around these costs. You can eliminate this excess spending by looking for a cost-efficient solution that can do it all. Digital systems provide simple solutions that work to eliminate a lot of unnecessary spending. The answer to your specific challenges exists, you just have to do a bit of research before deciding what is right for you.

SeeBiz Features as a Solution

There is a digital solution that can answer many of the challenges you encounter on a daily basis. SeeBiz is a platform that is transforming the wholesale industry. It combines all of the features that a successful wholesale business needs to grow. These features exist on one main platform to streamline your operations. Consolidate all of the tools you need to run your business and improve your online visibility at the same time.

SeeBiz is a social networking platform for the b2b industry. It offers solutions for many of the challenges discussed earlier that wholesalers face. This platform offers a networking feature for wholesalers that is integrated with an inventory management system and an order management system. In addition, you can manage customer relationships. This platform really can streamline your operations by combining everything you need in one place.

Inventory Management System

SeeBiz has an Inventory Management System, so you can track and control products as they move in or out of your stockroom. You can upload your products and create an online product catalog. The product catalog is fully customizable and you can add barcodes to each product. Every detail is stored in a cloud-based system, so updates are limitless.

Managing your entire inventory has never been this easy. Help your business run more efficiently by organizing and updating your product data. You have access to every step, as products move out of your warehouse to the buyer’s hands. As a result, your warehouse will become more coordinated too. This new integration of inventory tools is the best way to track and control your stock.

Digital Product Catalog

A better alternative to printed catalogs is an online product catalog system. On SeeBiz your existing connections and potential contacts have access to your public online product catalog. You can customize it in any way you like. If you want the focus to be seasonal or holiday-related, then you can show featured products. The accessibility is totally under your control.

Products are More Organized in Your Warehouse

The great thing about the online product catalog is that it is synced to your inventory management system and your SeeBiz profile. You can also make updates to each product within a few clicks, instead of having to wait and pay for printing costs. You have the ability to display tier pricing or grouped pricing within your catalog too. This feature is a great way to showcase what your business has to offer for all types of buyers.

Order Management System

You can also manage the status of your purchase and sales orders. A record of all order data is in our cloud-based management system. You never have to miss out on important order data again. You have access to everything your customers are ordering and have ordered in the past. This data will help to solidify customer relationships and build brand loyalty along the way.

A successful order management system will help predict sales based on customer orders. Access to this information allows you to determine which products are selling faster and which stock items need to be ordered. Tracking orders is essential to gaining data on future products too. This comprehensive order management system is the tool you need to keep track of your orders.

Customer Relationship Management

Manage the relationships you have with your existing contacts and new customers too. With our social media platform, you can keep in touch with customers every day. This accessibility keeps you better informed and ready for any issues that may arise. You have the ability to contact customers directly. The newsfeed on your SeeBiz profile lets you share all types of updates and announcements with your connections too.

Increase your brand awareness by implementing marketing campaigns. How you choose to market specific products or target specific groups of people is up to you. Every aspect of managing how you interact with your customers is under your control. You can even designate which employees have access to certain features of your profile. Improving communication with your customers will improve upon many aspects of your business. Business growth starts with these improvements first.

Operations Run More Efficiently

When you integrate your business processes with management systems, specifically for keeping track of inventory and orders, then you will see an elimination of questions and mistakes. Your business operations will improve across the board. Communication is something that will drastically improve when you manage your products and orders smartly.

Your customers will notice how smoothly your business runs too. This is a big part of maintaining a positive brand image. The customer experience can be improved by how easily they can search for, find, and make purchases of your products. The whole buying process should be very simple and straightforward. The goal should be, being able to attract attention, interest, and gain a sale within a few clicks. But, with the right tools, you can achieve the ultimate customer experience. Your customers will keep coming back to you because they trust your operations and brand.

Flexibility In Management

The strength of any system you use is in its flexibility to work with your business. The ideal inventory and order management systems will give you the flexibility to customize and update data as needed. The flexible management systems available, like SeeBiz can be tailored for your business. Decide which key features will benefit your business more in the long run. This is where your focus should be. From this decision, you can choose the best inventory and order management system for you.

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