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8 Tips for Wholesalers Using Social Media for B2B Marketing

Social media for B2B marketing can make it tough to build a following from the ground up. The topics of the wholesale industry are not as exciting as other business types. However, these topics are very specific and interesting to wholesale customers. Wholesalers are more likely to be interested in content that is related to their industry or marketplace. By sharing relatable content you are establishing yourself as an expert in your industry. Becoming the industry expert in your niche allows you to develop your brand further. It also allows you to reach out to a wider group of potential customers. The most successful way to reach out to your customers is through social media interactions. 

Every business needs to have a social media presence online. If you don’t have one to raise awareness of your brand, then you should at least have social media accounts to improve your customer service. B2B companies have a unique opportunity to find out what their audience is interested in by using social media platforms. Social media strategies for B2B relationships are very different from B2C relationships. If you’re not sure where to start, then here are a few helpful tips to get you started with social media for B2B marketing.

Put A Face to your Business

In order to be successful when posting on social media platforms, your company needs to promote the face of your business. Posting content about your employees, or the CEO of your company, will establish a more human touch to your brand. The real value is attractive when making a purchase. Studies have shown that people are more likely to engage with a brand that showcases its real employees. 

An employee of the month, Instagram stories, or anything highlighting the people that make your business run are all good ideas to start with. This strategy also ends up developing a company culture that will get your employees excited about sharing work-related content. When people are more excited about a business, they are more likely to talk about it with their friends.

Develop A Voice for Your Brand

How has social media transformed e-commerce and marketing? The way brands engage with consumers is forever altered. The voice and direction of the brand are no longer influenced by a manager. The brand is influenced directly by the customer.

Develop A Voice for your Brand

If you don’t have one already, your business needs a brand voice. Say you’re a boutique flower shop that sells to various retailers, you’ll probably want a different type of social media presence than the company that sells avionics equipment. Once you have your brand voice and tone decided, then you can start interacting with customers.

The voice of your brand also has a huge impact on the type of content you share. Make sure you choose which direction you want to go before starting to post content. You can take notes from your original mission statement or your story. Think about what makes your company different from the rest. This is the opportunity for you to stand out from your competition. Your voice can be as unique as the colors on your logo.

Share and Engage with Content

Once you have your brand voice established, you’re ready to start thinking about what your customers are interested in. Creating content for social media platforms is a hard task. You want to have an impact on your brand by sharing content. B2B content creators have found that customers will engage more with content that is original. If it’s hard for your business to produce new content every day, then you can cut down on the number of times you share content. Keep in mind this is a big undertaking and requires a lot of thought.

Based on the topics that interest your target audience you can choose ideas to expand upon. For some businesses, this becomes a trial and error situation. Your customers will know if your content is your own or regurgitated from other sources. When in doubt, name your sources and provide your own ideas along with it. The more honest you can be when posting social media content is better when you are developing your brand.

Mixed Media is an Attention Grabber

Now you know what your target audience is interested in. What kind of content do you create? The most successful B2B marketers have found that using a combination of text, images, and videos is the best way to attract the attention of your customers. Using mixed media content is also beneficial for an online presence across social media platforms.

Additionally, when posting content on an image dominated platform like Instagram, it makes more sense to post a striking or thought-provoking image. The same goes for whichever platforms your business is choosing to be active on. Developing extra content works towards building your brand story as well.

You can test out which type of content gets the most engagement from your target audience. Maybe your customers like to see statistics and educational information in the form of infographics. This gives you the insight that you should be sharing more of this type of content. You can experiment with content and find out what works best for your niche.

Be Consistent with Posting

One of the most important rules when doing B2B marketing on social media platforms is to always be consistent. Posting content on 5 different platforms every day might be too much at first. When you have content to share, there are great tools you can utilize to help make the process quicker. Social media planning is essential. Many of the larger social media platforms have calendars built-in to help you schedule when you post different content. You have the ability to schedule social media posts a month in advance if you choose to.

No matter how many times you post, make sure it is consistent. Pick a frequency and stick to it. This will help with search engine rankings in the long-run. The time of day you post your content usually has an effect on customer engagement too. You want to be posting when your target demographic is using the specific platform the most. This increases the likelihood that your post is seen and shared.

Nevertheless, there are many different combinations of times that you can test this out. This is a strategy that can be tested endlessly and over time. You can try posting different types of content, sharing less frequently, sharing more frequently, or whichever approach you want to try out for the week. Once you find a method that works for your business, stick to it and be consistent.

Provide Goals for Social Media Marketing

The B2B marketing strategy you choose to implement for social media platforms should be based on your current marketing goals. You need to be able to research and track how well your business is doing on social media. Most major social media networks offer insights and analytics that you can track yourself. Undeniably, the important thing to note here is that you have a set goal. If you work hard towards your goals, then you will achieve them.

Thanks to social media platforms, B2B marketers can now be more creative when it comes to advertising their business. You don’t want to find yourself sharing random content to no end on a social media site. Customers can sense the purpose behind your content. Make sure you establish a strong goal that you can improve upon over time. To name a few examples, your goal can be to extend your brand awareness, getting more website traffic, or gaining more sales leads. Your end-goal is entirely up to you. Give it a fair amount of thought and work with your marketing team before committing to social media campaigns.

Understand What Your Competition Is Doing

Find out and keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. This strategy benefits your business in a few different ways. Firstly, you can see what kind of content these businesses are promoting. From this, you can figure out how much engagement their posts are getting. You can also draw inspiration from their ideas to inject new life into your own content. If the business is in the same industry as you, then you can determine if your audiences are similar. Maybe you will find out that they are targeting a group of people you haven’t thought of targeting yet.

If your competitor is finding success in running certain campaigns, maybe you should run them too. It is worth the extra effort to keep tabs on what other businesses in the marketplace are doing on social media. Consumer response is critical to the campaigns you run. You will have to constantly adjust and tweak your strategy. There is a wealth of information involved in staying informed about your competition. You might just learn how to better individualize your business in your industry.

Social Media For Customer Service

Social media platforms provide a rare opportunity for B2B companies to interact with larger groups of people. Formerly, this could only be done at trade shows or networking events. Now, this same effort can be directed online towards a larger group of potential customers. Social media marketing has made it easier to access a specific segment of potential customers than ever before. Being active online allows your business to be involved with customers more than ever.

Essentially, customer relationship management is one of the most nuanced and time-consuming parts of running a business. You have to learn how to manage and grow these business relationships at the same time. If you don’t have enough time or resources to devote to a separate customer support profile, then you need to make sure you reply quickly to responses.

In particular, it is frustrating when you reach out to a company for support and don’t get a reply. Take your social media accounts seriously and respond to each customer inquiry or comment. Your customers will appreciate your dedication and attentiveness to their requests. This social media effort does not go unnoticed. Take care of your customers and they will be loyal to your brand.

Spotlight on SeeBiz

SeeBiz is a social networking platform made specifically for wholesalers and the B2B community. You can create a comprehensive profile including all of your product information. Inviting and connecting with your existing contacts is easy too. You also have the option to send an invitation to other businesses in your industry. After you are connected, you can share any content with your network. Updates, B2B trends, announcements, and product videos are all effective types of content for your SeeBiz newsfeed.

Specifically, SeeBiz also has direct communication tools that you and your customers can use to connect. You can improve your customer service with these real-time interactions. Your connections have viewable access to your entire product catalog online too. If they have a question about the pricing of a particular item, then they can directly contact you about it.

This social networking platform allows you to connect with businesses in your industry, so you don’t have to pay extra money attending trade shows. However, it also eliminates the money spent on printing catalogs and other marketing expenses. Actively using the tools on this platform improves customer service, increases brand awareness, and allows you to run your business more skillfully. You will achieve more in the B2B industry with SeeBiz than any other social media network.

The Real Benefits of Social Media For Wholesalers

Overall, don’t lose track of the reasons why you have a social media presence online. The driving factor behind the existence of social media is to connect. The same goes for social networking in the B2B marketplace. Social media can be an invaluable tool for making new connections in the wholesale industry if you know how to do it. You can share information with your target audience easier than ever before.

Most importantly, learn all you can about your customer base. There is always something to learn, whether it has to do with new trends or technology. Try to reach out to your customers today. Use the strategies you are comfortable with to start. Make sure you have your goal in your sights and the voice to achieve it. Now you have the tools to make lasting business connections in the B2B industry.

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