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All Your Contacts In One Place

This multi-industry landscape is rapidly shifting. It’s a fact that the ways in which we create contacts are shifting too. Networking is one of the pillars of business, but now it is more challenging to effectively network. It is expensive and it is constantly evolving. For this reason, it is also tricky and easy to get wrong. Done properly, it opens doors to a world of opportunities.

With the rise of countless digital alternatives, it’s difficult to keep up. It is especially difficult in a demanding and competitive ecosystem. In addition, do the existing tools serve their purpose by helping your business expand? How is your time most effectively used by translating your skills from face-to-face networking to digital networking? There is an effective business solution for all of your questions. It starts with SeeBiz.

A Foundation of Business Networking

SeeBiz is the world’s first social networking platform for businesses. It is designed by business owners for business owners. You and your network are the foundation of our platform. Because this useful tool is digital, you will no longer have to deal with the inconvenience of being physically present at a trade show. As a result, trade shows only give you access to the contacts who are there. Most of those contacts are also only registered with a trade organization. Consequently, you will end up spending unnecessary time and money.

This comes at a cost. The cost is not only financial, but an expense that is unfavorable to your business. Your business should be prioritized. Which begs the question, what about the missed opportunities of the connections that you don’t make?

Finally, this story ends in a predictable way, by taking the flight back home with a handful of business cards. You go through the possible contacts you previously acquired, and by using the process of elimination, decide which ones are most relevant to contact for your ultimate business goals.

A Single Network of Contacts

SeeBiz does everything you need to connect successfully. It is a valuable tool that combines everything by giving you a single space for all your contacts. It also allows you instant access to a global reach of networks of manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers. Of course you can argue, ‘Well, isn’t that the same thing? Isn’t it basically like a trade organization where I only get access to networks that are registered in the platform?’ Your network of contacts don’t just magically appear out of thin air. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. That is a valid argument, until you uncover the beneficial details.

Opportunities do not float like clouds in the sky. They are attached to people.

Rich Stromback –

It has to begin somewhere. With SeeBiz, the first step begins with you when you invite your contacts. As a result, you will begin a new chapter of running your company with people you already trust.

Not all digital platforms are created equally. Developing a network is a critical strategy for the growth of every company. The difference between SeeBiz and other digital platforms is that SeeBiz serves the best interests not of corporate individuals. It represents an all-encompassing variety of businesses. Our goal is specifically designed for one purpose. If you already run a company and have been for a number of years or you’re just starting a small business, our platform will help your business grow. SeeBiz can be customized depending on how you scale.

Keep Track of Existing and New Contacts

So now you have a bunch of contacts. Now what? How do you keep track of them? Networking, as a pillar of business, is a tough element to carry out. As a major component of your company, it is execution-dependent. The best case scenario is that you will get valuable resources with the contacts that you are able to gather. And eventually you will achieve your marketing goals. Worst case scenario, nothing comes out of it. You will always find your business teetering on the edge of right and wrong. It’s one of those things that can make or break a company.

It is notoriously tough to keep track of new connections, especially those born out of brief conversations. In addition, it is virtually impossible to follow-up with every single contact. SeeBiz takes care of this problem. When you have all your contacts in one place, it eliminates the need for third-party software. It also solves the tendency to be disorganized. These business solutions effectively reduce costs and increase your productivity.

There are also hidden costs when it comes to using digital channels not made for businesses. Not all systems have a managed communication solution with the proportions of businesses in mind. Most systems compress traditional and mainstream business models. A majority of systems do not take into consideration the fact that each business is distinct and that they each move at a different pace. The difference is certainly noticeable, especially when it comes to contact management.

Forming Strategic Partnerships

The SeeBiz platform has these challenges exactly in mind. Each business is unique from every other business. Naturally, businesses have different personalities, different voices, and their goals are relative. Business is always evolving. This is why our starting point is the most powerful catalyst of all. You and the people you trust is where it begins. The most effective business solutions are formed with strategic partnerships.

Traditional models of networking exist within the business architecture from yesterday. Meaning that your business is built around the expectations, assumptions, and capacities of yesterday’s consumers. It’s the 21st century and the future is fast approaching. As your business continues to grow, we will give you the tools to operate more efficiently.

We, at SeeBiz, bring you the best solutions based on our founders’ experiences. With our help you can serve your market better by figuring out how to integrate and support multiple strategies. And you can achieve this without leaving out small businesses. It’s about replacing old models with better ones, without tearing down an entire network at the same time. 

SeeBiz is all about using technology as an efficient tool to network and communicate with purpose. In fact, our goal is to create more effective results by running your company more efficiently. SeeBiz is the world’s first interactive platform that allows you to manage your business relationships and your inventory in the same place.

How can you start networking more efficiently? The answer is with our all-in-one business networking platform. SeeBiz is your partner in networking success. 

Written by
Victoria Billones

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