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An All-In-One Interactive Platform

The SeeBiz all-in-one interactive platform is here to expand on your understanding of the challenges surrounding business growth. We effectively provide you with solutions to help you run your business more efficiently. You can now not only conquer the marketplace, but go beyond it. With SeeBiz, your business has the opportunity to make an impact.

One of the things not commonly realized is that businesses are a lot like people. Businesses come in different sizes, they have different personalities, they have unique traits, and they all have different purposes. As a result business, as in life, means growing by encountering various challenges in the event of new opportunities. Some problems demand more drastic solutions than others. This range of challenges is ultimately what’s going to define your business.

Our All-In-One Interactive Platform Benefits Your Business

The solutions of yesterday were effective in the past, but this is not the case for tomorrow’s solutions. For this reason, the shifting landscape is increasing rapidly across various trades. All too frequently, there are mistakes that are inevitable. These mistakes eventually transform what was a great idea into a terrible one.

Firstly, accepting the fact that mistakes are a part of growing is the beginning. Growing is about becoming, redefining, questioning, and learning. Business growth is about progression not perfection. Although it can be easy to get bogged down into forecasting solutions, it never hurts to provide extra padding for your business plan. Because yes, it is always better to be safe than sorry. It is also important to acknowledge the fact the pitfalls are common. No growth ever happened in a linear fashion. The steps you take today can define your company for the future. Inasmuch as ensuring that these steps do not create additional problems long-term. 

The goal is not just about surviving. Taking the directions that are favorable to your company and making the most out of opportunities is the minimum. The goal is about effectiveness and sustainability for the future. Today, we look into some of the common challenges that your company could encounter affecting growth.

Staying on Top of Market Competition

One of the most common things that businesses tend to put off is market research. It’s not just something that you do when you’re starting out. Markets shift constantly and you should be moving along with it. Information is power and it is through the constant updating of this information that you can not only conquer the marketplace, but disrupt it. It can be difficult to keep up, but it is possible.

The only way you do this is through research. It should be continuous and comprehensive. You can be putting your company at the risk, by making executive decisions that are built on outdated information. These decisions can lead to unfavorable results. 

With SeeBiz, you can stay on top of your competition in realtime easily by connecting with other businesses within your industry. Our all-in-one platform has a feature called ‘Companies You May Know’. You can discover other businesses based on an algorithm that interacts with your online behavior. It also examines similar products that you and the other businesses carry. The more you grow, the more competitors are bound to take notice and respond to your activities. Tomorrow’s career-making opportunity might just be a middle-of-the-road one in just a few months. 

Market research is streamlined to compress the process by giving you a database of businesses. You don’t have to scour the far edges of the internet anymore. Wholesalers are quick in finding alternatives for suppliers who do better deals. With the right tools, you can make an impact.

Inventory Management

In line with market research, it is also important to take a close look at the lifecycle of your products.  As products mature, development in sales, as well as profit margins tend to get compressed. An understanding of where products stand in terms of their lifecycles are valuable. This understanding ensures that your business adapts financially rewarding strategies and maximizes on them.

It is important to invest in innovative solutions that will eventually play a huge role in building a product lineup that is new, profitable, and fresh. SeeBiz’s platform is an all-in-one interactive platform featuring an inventory management system. The inventory management system gives you an in-depth, flight-control experience of your inventory. It is equipped with comprehensive information that allows you to track outgoing shipments and receivables. The inventory management system also allows you to create sales invoices and purchase orders. 

Online Marketing and Web Presence

Information is power. It is the key to providing insights into market conditions and trends. Building an online presence has been a huge struggle for most businesses, as online marketplaces continue to surface. It is a challenge to build an in-depth picture of your brand. Let alone convey it to vendors and wholesalers. 

Finding the right tools to be able to communicate your vision is a feat. Most solutions that currently exist are labor-intensive and costly. Businesses are right to turn to terrestrial marketing strategies, because they are historically proven to produce results. Although they are tried and proven approaches, they can be time-consuming, tricky to execute, and expensive. 

SeeBiz is a better solution. It allows you to import your existing contacts onto the all-in-one interactive platform. This allows you to create digital product catalogs without the added cost of paper, ink, logistics, and the services required to get them distributed. You can update your online catalogs at any given time and your contacts will be notified. 

Contact Management

Furthermore, for every business, one of the biggest challenges is making connections. The first and grandest answer is always trade shows. It’s the ultimate solution to networking, exposing you to a large playing field of competitors and industry attendees. At least that’s how trade shows are advertised.

Trade events are grandiose solutions. They don’t even make that much sense if you’re competing on different tiers. The reality is that it is not a feasible solution for smaller startups. And trade events are mostly dominated by larger companies. These companies have built loyal customers through decades of being in business.

In addition, with the rise of digital alternatives, there are also dangers in engaging with platforms that are not tailored for businesses. They don’t have the tools that you may need to run your operations more effectively. 

Above all, with SeeBiz you can invite your existing contacts and import them all in one place. You don’t have to be at a venue, at a specific time, at a specific place precisely. Our unique all-in-one interactive platform is digital and easily accessible wherever you are. You can literally make new connections even while you’re running errands. What’s more, you don’t have to go through the process of elimination by going through every, single business card. We’ve streamlined the process for you by providing you a newsfeed with businesses in the same industry. 


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Victoria Billones

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