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ASD Market Week 2019 vs. SeeBiz

After a successful week at the trade show in Las Vegas, there are a few things to follow-up on. Did you connect with the people you wanted to connect with? Don’t miss out on developing relationships with the buyers you missed during the show. There are tools you can use to find those potential contacts you weren’t able to lock down.

Each vendor and attendee has an online presence. By using SeeBiz, you can discover each business whether they are wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, or retailers. We’ll talk more about how SeeBiz can help you get connected a little later in this article. Now we want to consider a few challenges. What common problems do you encounter at trade shows?

The Challenges Of Trade Shows

Let’s address some of the problems that we’ve experienced with these types of trade shows, like ASD Market Week.

Costs Are Too High

The number one problem is that the costs are just too high. There are quite a few costs you must budget for as a business attending a trade show. These costs include stand space, stand design, attendance, and accommodations for staff.


The amount of time spent on scheduling and planning for exhibiting at the event is another hindrance to consider. This is time that would be better spent on building customer relationships and focusing on making quality products. 

Competition Is Huge

The amount of competition at trade shows is likely very high. Your competitors will be without a doubt exhibiting at the same trade show. It will require more effort and creativity to get the attention of potential buyers. It can be tough to differentiate your business with such a limited space. 

No Guarantees

The sales results are also not guaranteed. There isn’t even a guarantee that you will get any leads from having an exhibit. Even with the large investment of time and money it’s not a safe bet. 

Low Turnout

Low turnout is an overlooked issue at some events too. Without the sponsorship or backing from a big name, the turnout has the potential to be very low. This is why as a store owner or business leader you cannot afford to spend extra time and money on an event that has no guarantee of a profitable outcome. 

Evolution of E-Commerce

In addition, evolution is happening in the wholesale industry. Shops and stores are evolving with the digital age. A lot more businesses are spending more of their efforts on e-commerce and online marketing. With this evolution comes a weeding-out of the competition. The strongest businesses end up surviving, while the others close up shop. We’ve seen this happen with more than a few brick and mortar retail stores, because they weren’t able to adapt with these changes. 

The Most Profitable Solution

In the long run, it’s important to not fall behind the competition. If you’re going to cut costs, cut out the unnecessary expenses for trade shows. Most businesses tend to cut costs with marketing, but marketing is more important now than ever. For a wholesale marketing strategy to be successful, there must be a significant amount of focus on the digital aspect. 

Social networking is the arena where you’ll see the most progress and growth. SeeBiz provides the foundation for you to connect with the people you need to connect with the most. Key business to business relationships are easier to cultivate when the right audience is targeted. The results are not watered down and don’t include missed connections like at a trade show event. 

How do we work to avoid these common issues? The best strategy is to factor in the risks when planning to attend an event. Consider all your options and decide what the best approach should be. The platform that SeeBiz provides is more reliable than the platform you’ll have at a trade event. All of the risks associated with exhibiting are solved by using SeeBiz. The costs and expenditure of time planning and budgeting for the event are eliminated. 

Create A Stronger Online Presence

The presentation of your business is more comprehensive too. Due to the fact that your profile has all of your products in one place on display. All of the information is visible and accessible to potential business connections. Decisions will be more informed and relevant to the goals of your company and your connections. 

In addressing the risks for your business associated with attending or exhibiting at a trade show, like ASD Las Vegas, the negative impact on your company far outweighs the positives. The focus of time, finances, and planning are certainly better spent on adapting to the new digital climate. Creating a stronger online presence is the most beneficial thing a business can achieve. 

Networking Is The Answer

This strategy leaves more time for you to focus on building more meaningful connections with vendors and buyers. Using SeeBiz is the fastest way to reach your business’s full potential. SeeBiz will unlock your networking capability as an expert in your field. Increasing your networking prowess in the industry is the best way to expand your product line and brand reach. When you have a solid networking foundation the scope of your business is endless. 

If you missed any valuable contacts at the trade show this past weekend, don’t worry! You can just as easily catch up with them on our networking platform. You may even find out better information on products and the company, that you otherwise would’ve missed out on. SeeBiz will provide the important connections in your industry, so you don’t have to miss a thing.

The time of the traditional trade show has passed. Moving into this digital age, businesses in the wholesale industry must adapt accordingly. Translate your efforts into a better presentation of your online storefront and you will see immediate results. The tools SeeBiz provides will propel you into the cutting-edge forefront of e-commerce. You will see your business grow exponentially with SeeBiz. 

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