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ASD Market Week 2019

It is the time of the year again for the largest business to business trade show. ASD Las Vegas Market Week is in full swing. If you’re not familiar with what this is, here’s a little background on the event. ASD Market Week is the leading B2B trade show in Las Vegas. Vendors, manufacturers, importers, distributors, retailers, and wholesalers from all around the world gather to exhibit and connect business to business. When the trade show was first established in 1961, ASD meant “Associated Surplus Dealers”. It’s meaning has since evolved to represent “Affordable Shopping Destination”.

It is the go-to destination for buyers looking to source new product categories and network. The name has shifted as the industry has also shifted to the online marketplace. The digital storefront is essentially the most affordable shopping destination now, but the needs of the consumer must also be translated to the wholesale industry. The struggle remains for these trade events to attempt to find relevance in an outdated tradition. Marketing and networking is advancing. These events have always been important opportunities for wholesale businesses.  Wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, importers, and retailers come to this trade show for a number of reasons. 

ASD Market Week

One of the main reasons business leaders attend ASD Las Vegas is to grow their business. This is based on what is found at the trade show. Sourcing new product categories is a great way to expand your inventory. It’s a wholesale buying event that produces great results for those who exhibit and attend. If you use SeeBiz while you attend ASD Market Week, you can see all of the new products that  are uploaded from the event. You can also stay updated when it comes to announcements and other exciting things happening at the event. The latest trends and trade show news are available on your newsfeed. SeeBiz is the best way to stay connected with other businesses in attendance. Every business can share their news and products, making visibility online easier to achieve.

The second biggest reason wholesalers attend the show is to make more business connections. The event gives you the opportunity to connect with thousands of the top business leaders in the wholesale industry worldwide. 98% of the attendees at the show have major purchasing power too. When you attend the event in can be tough to keep track of all the connections you worked to get. We know how challenging it is to manage these connections. More often than not, buyers miss opportunities to connect with key people in their industry. It’s just not easy to multi-task at a trade show and hold onto every possible connection.  

SeeBiz Connects You To Vendors After The Show

Above all, SeeBiz is the platform that can help you to network during and after the show. As the first choice for business to business networking, SeeBiz can help you connect with the vendors you missed after the trade show. Seize the most out of this great opportunity to develop strong business relationships. SeeBiz can provide you with all the contacts you missed at ASD Las Vegas. Get connected and expand your business more efficiently using our b2b networking platform. 

You can also display your own news and announcements from the event too. Buyers will spend thousands of dollars at this trade show. SeeBiz makes it easier to find and highlight the right kind of products you need by connecting you with the thousands of attendees and vendors who went to the show. Your business will expand with the help of SeeBiz’s beneficial special features. 

As ASD Las Vegas is happening now, you might be wondering if there are benefits you’re missing out on. SeeBiz’s networking platform is here to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Every vendor, manufacturer, distributor, importer, and wholesaler is utilizing the internet to stay connected and provide updates about the event. Ultimately, the more you use SeeBiz, the more exposure your company will get. SeeBiz as a marketing strategy at ASD Market Week is essential to the success of your experience. Attending the show is one thing, but securing the best connections is the way to get the most out of this huge opportunity. 

The Networking Perks of SeeBiz

Whether you’re exhibiting your products or just attending to check out the latest trends in your industry, SeeBiz is the best networking tool to use. While these trade events have their upsides, there are a few major downsides as well. Trade shows are extremely costly to exhibit at and attend. Regardless, with SeeBiz you get all of the networking benefits of being at the event without having to waste unnecessary expenses. Not to mention the amount of time it takes out of your schedule. 

SeeBiz is, without a doubt, an effective replacement for these trade events. You can showcase your products, manage your inventory, make announcements, and stay connected with your potential clients all while networking to your full potential. If you’ve already dedicated time and expenses to ASD Las Vegas, that’s no problem. SeeBiz can help you to stay on top of your contacts and missed connections with potential buyers. You will see immediate results just from reaching out to vendors you spoke to at the event. Additionally, they will also have a more comprehensive view of what your company is all about too. Your company profile and quality products are highly visible to your potential clients. 

Trade Shows Are Outdated

Ultimately, trade shows like ASD Market Week are highly successful because there hasn’t been a comparable alternative until now. SeeBiz is disrupting the traditional methods of marketing and networking for the business to business community. Our networking platform sets a new, more advanced, standard for managing contacts and building business relationships. Wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers can use our networking platform to see their business and contact lists grow. 

Moreover, the success of your networking abilities doesn’t come with extra costs and days spent planning and executing exhibits at trade shows. SeeBiz is the all-in-one business solution you need to gain an advantage in the wholesale industry. Remember to connect with the vendors you missed at ASD Las Vegas Market Week using SeeBiz. Nurture the business relationships that will matter in the long-run. Furthermore, the more you stay connected, the more your business is likely to expand and succeed in the shifting landscape of e-commerce. 

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