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Social Media Trends In the B2B Marketplace

The way businesses in the b2b marketplace connect with their consumers and business contacts is changing. There are fewer and fewer face-to-face interactions in the b2b industry now. Retailers are even experiencing a dramatic loss of customers in...

E-Commerce Will Replace Trade Shows in 2020

E-Commerce Will Replace Trade Shows in 2020

If you run a wholesale business, then you know trade show season is among us. The spring brings many international and local trade shows in just about every industry. You may even have your booth already paid for. But with the shift in our wholesale...

Wholesale E-Commerce Trends In 2020

Wholesale E-Commerce Trends In 2020

Wholesalers are always looking for new and better ways to connect with their customers and sell their products. B2b e-commerce trends provide many new tools that can substantially help with wholesale growth in many aspects. These digital tools are...

wholesale customers

How To Retain Your Wholesale Customers In 2020

Without your wholesale customers, your business would not grow. It’s important to keep them happy and satisfied so they remain loyal to you. So how do you keep your wholesale customers coming back to you in the new year? The last thing you want is...

Wholesale Customers

How Do You Find New Wholesale Customers?

New potential wholesale customers are tough to seek out. Where do you begin? It can be difficult to pinpoint the customers that are the most relevant to your business. But there are ways you can determine this information. After all, e-commerce...

source products

How To Source Products Using Online B2B Tools

How do you source products? As a wholesaler, you constantly need to provide your buyers with the products they want. This can change over time while b2b trends evolve. In order to stay in the loop and on top of the competition, you need to implement...

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