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I work as a copywriter for SeeBiz. I’m the overtly “Socrates” type. I’m constantly looking for new ways to improve thought and action. I’ve developed brands for several start-up companies, contributed my curiosities with readers online, and survived the college experience in the desert (ungratefully during the summertime). Flashy isn’t my preference, but I promise to share honesty and an assortment of marvels with you- as I have done through my work with e-commerce, social media, and digital business development strategies.

Which Online Business Promotion Techniques Work

Which Online Business Promotion Techniques Work?

It’s no secret that businesses must integrate an online presence into their business model to be among the leaders in the industry. E-commerce and the digital age have proven to be overwhelmingly successful in being able to reach a target audience...

A Multi-Vendor B2B Marketplace vs. SeeBiz

Multi-Vendor B2B Marketplace vs. SeeBiz

As a business in the b2b community, having an online presence has become a necessary aspect of running a successful enterprise. E-commerce has dominated the consumer experience. Running an online business has become an integral part of nearly every...

Are Social Media Sites the Best for Business Marketing

Are Social Media Sites the Best for Business Marketing?

Social media sites are an influential method for businesses small and large to connect with a wider target audience. These potential new consumers are gaining interest in new businesses every day by social media interactions. If your business is not...


What are the Benefits of a Global B2B Platform?

Change in the wholesale industry is a great thing. This means the industry is expanding. As a result, businesses have more of an opportunity to grow and see their profits increase. Adopting digitization and a global b2b platform provides a global...

the shopping experience

The Evolution of the Shopping Experience

Commerce has evolved exponentially over the past few decades. Online shopping is one of the most frequent activities that is engaged in on the internet. Millions of people from every country participate in it daily. This provides a demand that...

MAGIC Las Vegas 2019

MAGIC Las Vegas 2019 Trade Show

MAGIC trade show in Las Vegas is the premiere fashion trade show held in Las Vegas twice a year. It is arguably the largest trade show in the United States and it’s among the top ten international trade shows. All of the top fashion decision makers...

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