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Kinza Munir, from Pakistan, with a degree in English and a diploma in Graphic Designing from Kinnaird College for Women. Having 4 years of writing experience she likes to compose about business, technology, entertainment, literature, traveling, photography, fiction, and much more. She has written, edited, and designed for Journal Post, SeeBiz, Print Ad Agency, Media Professionals, Data Magnetic Technologies, and Hoomwork. She is best known for, article writing, SEO writing, digital content strategy, technical writing, creative writing, SEO web copywriting, and freelance writing. She relies on the fact that writing permits humans to be more than themselves and experience life! If people want to bring the change in the world, they should stay true to their stories in their heads! Pick up their pen and write to see what magic words create!

Top 2020 Hacks to Keep Your Customers Engaged

Top 2020 Hacks to Keep Your Customers Engaged

Customer engagement has become a top priority of businesses and 2020 will be no different. As a business professional, you already know your biggest asset is your engaged customers. Customers are life and blood of business. And no business can...


How E-commerce Helps Your Small Business Grow

What Exactly E-commerce is? E-commerce is the commercial transaction of products and services through the internet. For example, when a person buys or sells something from another person through the internet, he involves e-commerce. In the present...

B2b digital transformation trends you should know

Digital Transformation Trends You Should Know

A study conducted by Forbes, it was revealed that b2b companies adapting digital transformation are producing 8% more revenue as compared to the ones following traditional ways of doing business. This shows, b2b marketers, who wish to see their...

Purchase Order and its Benefits

The Benefits of Purchase Orders

What is a Purchase Order? A purchase order is a “legally binding document” between a buyer and a vendor or supplier. This commercial source document indicates the details of the items that are to be purchased from the seller such as types of goods...

How to Reach and Target Your Audience Online

How to Reach and Target Your Audience Online

Peter Drucker, “the aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” But the question is how get the right target audience online? It all starts with doing the right...


Drive More B2B Conversions with Social Media

Businesses can use social media site as a great and effective tool to generate sales and increase revenue. If you are planning to go online, consider the integration of social media to your business website. It helps in delivering maximum ROI...

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