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Saadia Baloch is a writer and reader with passion to become an author of books one-day. She is eager to learn new skills concerning online marketing, technical writing, B2B world and connect the dots to reign Google rankings with content. If not reading fiction or writing, you can find her tweeting about her caffeine ventures.

What to Avoid and Adapt in the B2B Sales in the year 2020

What to Avoid and Adapt in B2B Sales For 2020

Sales? What a nightmare, right? If you are facing that the sales graph is decreasing, that’s when you sense the trouble for the very first time. There are different advices given to businesses and companies related to increasing their profit margin...


Beyond Artificial Intelligence in B2B Selling

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are revolutionizing the world around us. Businesses are also getting the most benefit from this revolution. B2B is becoming more adaptive than ever, as it is undergoing transformation to add artificial...


Rethink Your B2B Pricing Strategy

It is difficult to figure out the prices of thousands of products across the multichannel online business platform. Price Customization feature helps us to automate our sales process and target the right customer segment. Every product and service...

Triple Your B2B Sales: Not to Miss the Top B2B Marketing Trends in 2020

Triple Your B2B Sales in 2020 With Top Marketing Trends

Optimizing your customer’s journey is a part of the latest b2b marketing trends. It gives companies and businesses the leverage to automate business processes. In this way, you can increase customer retention and growth through a streamlined...

Lead Nurturing: How to Nurture Revenue Winning B2B Leads in the Shortest Time

How to Nurture Lead Revenue in the Shortest Time

There is a shift in B2B Industry that companies are adopting different b2b marketing strategies to increase their leads including inbound, outbound and lead nurturing. It helps them in increasing b2b leads and to achieve sales goals by attracting...

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