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Drive Traffic to Your Page With SeeBiz Newsfeed

Whether you have a small business or your business has been around for years, all companies have the same things in common. When it comes to your marketing strategy the goal is to drive traffic, attain mass-scale exposure, and develop a unique branding voice. Businesses face these challenges when establishing awareness. There is a rapid increase in the use of social platforms for businesses. As a part of a successful marketing strategy, companies need to pay more attention to website traffic. More website traffic means more exposure. 

One of the problems that most businesses face is gaining an online presence. With SeeBiz, you’re a key player on a global scale. One of the key features of our platform is the SeeBiz newsfeed. The newsfeed lets you stay on top of your network activity and industry insights, so that you never get out of the loop.

The Struggle With Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to gain audience exposure. However, it doesn’t always work as methodically as you think. Most email blasts from third party servers redirect to a spam folder. Typically users cannot find these emails. They’re essentially as good as not being sent at all.

For the most part, the attention and behavior of users plays a key role. This isn’t the nineties anymore where users go through every, single email. People don’t pay attention and hang on to each message that is sent. Users don’t forward and blast funny, relatable content to their entire contact lists. These days are gone and social networking is here.

On another note, spamming is irrelevant. People don’t need that extra clutter in their inbox. With the mere knowledge that entities (individuals and organizations) amass on social media, the hunt for certain types of content is the motivation to share fact-driven content onto their social channels. 

SeeBiz Newsfeed Updates

With the SeeBiz newsfeed, industry updates are all in one space. As a user, you will stay informed with your connections in the industry and easily find out what they’re up to. Are you launching a new product? You can let the world know by sharing announcements! When you want to update your product catalogs, it’s easier, because it’s digital. You no longer have to worry about costs of expensive redesigns, printing services, paper, ink, design expenses, and the logistics required to get your product catalogs delivered. Eliminate the hassle for long lead times and delays in mail delivery. The best part is that once you make these updates, you can select your connections and let them know in an instant.

SeeBiz is a solution to email marketing that will help you effortlessly create email templates within the platform. You no longer have to design it separately with additional labor and integrate it with a campaign using another program. As an all-in-one solution for your digital marketing needs, you can also create and manage company and product emails for updates to drive traffic. By eliminating additional steps, you also take the step in eliminating extra costs in redesigns, as well as, time constraints that you experience on other platforms. SeeBiz seamlessly consolidates and integrates your marketing needs for you. 

Increase Traffic To Your Target Audience

As we have talked about before, a key component in marketing strategies is to figure out how companies drive traffic onto their site as a means to build an online presence. It is a critical element in promoting new products, getting the word out about upcoming launches, new featured services, and branding campaigns. With almost every single person you know on social media, networking platforms have become a natural spot for increasing brand awareness. This is proven to have effectively reached targeted customers, especially potential ones. 

With the connections you make on SeeBiz, you will get more exposure. The exposure that you receive is not the kind that is limited and confined, but on a global scale. At the end of the day, all your hard work goes into making your business a success. You want people to pay attention to what you’re doing. It starts with the contacts you trust. When you invite your contacts to SeeBiz, you move towards improving your marketing strategy. The quality of your network is improved. 

Website traffic is not the only thing that drives your business forward, but it is essential in order to make an impact in your industry. The quality of the exposure you receive is something you likely would never get when you’re at a trade show. With SeeBiz, the opportunities for driving engagement are endless. 

As people pay attention by liking, commenting, and sharing your posts on other social media channels, your products get an increase in attention. This kind of exposure is especially helpful. Because as other companies share your posts with their connections, their networks tend to do so as well. Your content is disseminated across the internet, getting hundreds and thousands of views.

Companies You May Know

On the SeeBiz newsfeed, discover other businesses based on an algorithm that interacts with your online activity. It considers similar products that you and the other business carry with the ‘Companies You May Know’ feature as well. As you grow, the more competitors are bound to take notice and respond to your activities. Tomorrow’s career-making possibilities might just be a run-of-the-mill one in a mere few months. 

Stay on Top of Your Competition

Most businesses underestimate the need to constantly update market research to drive traffic. On the SeeBiz newsfeed, you will gain market analytics and valuable industry insights. SeeBiz consolidates the process of market research by giving you a platform where businesses can interact. You no longer have to pay additional costs for market data. You can also stay in the loop when competitors launch new products or campaigns, to get a better perspective of how they approach the market.

With the SeeBiz newsfeed, you give your wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers a better understanding of your what your company is all about. Your branding, your company values, and your products are visible. This allows you to best adapt to the shifting market landscape.

Written by
Victoria Billones

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