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Easily Access Your Product Catalog with SeeBiz

In the modern age of the internet any form of attention is used to leverage traffic onto digital platforms. This strategy integrates marketing and branding techniques. It is important to adapt to the changing industrial landscapes. The increased struggle in web marketing and building an online presence is a reminder that it is important to invest in the right tools. Investing in the right tools allows your business to grow and successfully disrupt your industry. SeeBiz is your all-in-one answer! Our platform has digital catalogs that enable any business to access your product catalog all in one space.

As human beings, we rely on information to live, we are competitive of each other in our skills and our abilities. Businesses, much like human beings are living, thriving entities that operate based on tons of information– market research, competitive and cost-benefit analysis, financial records, website impressions, and hits. Business competition is for sure a  “survival of the fittest” playing field. This is always the case. Companies out-perform each other in disruptive innovations. When it gets really extreme, businesses absorb one another to gain a monopoly over a good or service. 

Access Your Product Catalog For Potential Buyers

Products are the foundation of any business. Products are, after all, what economies are built on. For this reason, your product catalogs are even more important. Product catalogs enable you to share your product lineup with vendors, wholesalers, and distributors. This allows ease and convenience for potential buyers to look through your collections without physically having to be present at your offices. 

Although no one’s denying the tangibility of having a print catalog, digital iterations are not only becoming more popular but also more convenient because of its advantage to be accessible anywhere. By using SeeBiz, you are using a valuable resource to showcase your product lines for potential vendors. Because of constant shifts the marketplace, wholesalers have quick in finding alternative suppliers who do better deals, so it’s important to invest tin the right tools.

By using digital tools, you gain benefits that outweigh the costs and an advantage that print campaigns are unable to deliver.

Ease of Convenience

On SeeBiz, your digital catalogs are easily accessible to your contacts and connections wherever they are. Your catalog serves a key source for your business, they are the brick-and-mortar and fundamental building blocks of your business. In the same manner that an individual is defined by their attributes, a business is defined by its products, as it gives vendors and wholesalers an opportunity to learn not only about your products, but also the services that you can offer.

The fact that SeeBiz is digital means that you can easily optimize the accessibility your catalog’s impact to potential clients. Whereas with print, the vendor needs to have the actual thing in front of them. 


By using SeeBiz as your platform to showcase your products, you are cutting a fraction of your costs for paper, ink, printing costs, and the cost of design. You also cut the cost of the services and logistics required to get the print catalogs delivered. Furthermore, there is no need for long lead intervals and in the imprecision of mail delivery times. These costs and loss of time are counter-productive to your operations. 

Having a tangible listing has its benefits. But a single and crucial drawback is the incapacity to review your product lineup remotely.

Realtime Updates

Once a catalog has been printed, there’s no going back. Changes can no longer be made unless you go back in and run it again. The upside to this is that it allows your company the benefit having a solid reference for your product lineup. The major downside is that mistakes are bound to happen, and these days, the ways we’re transmitting information getting faster and faster, that updates are also bound to come in much quicker, so changes tend to occur between the printing processes.

With SeeBiz, you can update your catalogs instantly, whether it’s a change in your graphics, content, line sheets or any last-minute revisions, you’ll never have to fear additional costs of reprinting. As for notifying your contacts of the changes, we’ve taken care of that too. With SeeBiz, your contacts are sure to stay up-to-date.

Product Catalog Pricing

A key feature of the SeeBiz platform is the ability to easily price your products through tier, group and unit pricing within your digital catalog. You can set different prices for each category and only those belonging to that category can view the price from their profile.

An Extension of Your Branding

“By building your online catalog you can gain exposure and build an online web presence.”

Access your product catalog all in one place. This feature serves as a cost-effective approach to your marketing strategy. You can integrate and cleverly create a balance between marketing approaches. Because your catalog is digital it will further help your brand to get exposure. Furthermore, a business that can access your product catalog will support your goal to deliver a more robust and refined message to your audience. You can achieve this by increasing the means in which users can browse your product lineup. 

Secondly, the ability to access your product catalog can effectively allow you to replace your website and use SeeBiz. By building your online catalog you can gain exposure and build an online web presence. In addition, SeeBiz allows you to personalize the experience of your business connections. This ability to personalize is essential to attracting new connections, new vendors, ultimately opening new doors to business opportunities.

Evolving Traditional Marketing Techniques

Print catalogs are still hanging around as marketing strategies for some, yet it’s important to start innovating and making the shift. The digital marketplace is quickly evolving. Print catalogs are labor-intensive, expensive and time-consuming. We are seeing the shift from brick-and-mortar to digital distribution and digital transactions now. It is the businesses that adapt to constantly evolving methods that thrive. 

Above all, SeeBiz gives you the tools that allow you to run your business more efficiently. SeeBiz eliminates the need for additional third-party software, printing costs, long turnover periods and trade shows. We have streamlined the platform to consolidate your business operations. It is completely adaptable to how you scale. SeeBiz is a valuable resource that is fundamentally about helping you achieve your objectives in marketing and sales strategies. Why wait for tomorrow, when you can start today?

Written by
Victoria Billones

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