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Effective Ways to Add Value to Your E-Commerce Site

What Is An Ecommerce Website?

The eCommerce site has permeated throughout our society and into our daily lives. It is the era of ‘electronic commerce’. Now, commercial transactions are happening electronically in almost all parts of the world. This is why it should come as no surprise that eCommerce websites are easing these transactions of goods and services through means of transfer of funds over the internet. 

How Does eCommerce Site Work?

Now, Electronic websites control most of the market share. It allows visitors to find their products, add them to cart and make a purchase through digital currency or credit cards. Previously, eCommerce sales come about $2.3 trillion worldwide. However, this number is expected to double by 2021. Moreover, for the year 2020, they are predicted to touch $3.9 trillion. In earlier times, eCommerce was a task of hassle.  But now, with just a few clicks, anything and everything that a transaction needs, can be achieved online.

In eCommerce, every single thing matters. Online merchants, to set their business apart from the competition and to get the most out of their business should create a value proposition that will benefit converting visitors into long-term customers.

Now let us discuss in detail the most-valued aspects that could be of great success.

Build Informative Landing Pages 

Landing pages are the most effective marketing and lead generating tool. According to a study, 48% of marketers create a new landing page for each marketing campaign. When a web has an informative landing page it attracts a huge number of visitors. landing pages help customers with information on particular products or services they tend to buy. Such as product demo, services, reports, podcasts, etc. 

Also, a knowledge-based landing page, leverage SEO ranking through the given information on pages. The audience today, prefer direct search. They use keywords when making online searches. These words support business goals and direct the audience straight to your website. Moreover, when a visitor lands on the first page it helps eCommerce site track behavior and gives valuable insights that help identify a target audience and provide them with the offers, best suited to their needs. Thus, building a smart, informative landing page improve overall business effectiveness as well as creates a significant impact on your brand. 

Integrate User-Generated Content 

Integrate User Generated Content

According to studies, 92% of consumers trust organic, user-generated content more than they trust additional advertising. User-generated content is the best way to strengthen the brand and build customer relationships. In today’s digital age, word-of-mouth benefits both the brand and the consumer. To say, when user-generated content is displayed and shared, it makes customers and prospects feel heard, seen and appreciated. Also, it acts as a document of ‘personal experience’ for the sake to promote the brand, product or service. 

It is one of the easiest methods where the audience is doing the marketing for the success of the brand. It is surely authentic, credible and free for the marketers. Brands can restyle their own page with the user-generated content in order to grab more leads and sales. User-generated content generates valuable inbound leads. Moreover, it creates a connection between the prospect and the brand via humanizing your brand. User-generated content makes a brand relatable and accessible to the prospects. The study stated, almost 80% of people trust product reviews when recommending it to friends and family. This is why adding user-generated content is beneficial for business. Thus it helps build overall brand credibility. 

Showcase Products 

When a brand adds a virtual tour of its product to the website, it enables customer on spot, pick-up decision. 

In the present time, 87% of shoppers search for products through online channels, which is of considerable size than from the past 71% before making a purchase. In the digital realm, showcasing accurate and high-quality images and videos of the products helps speed up the shopping experience and empower the brand. When customers or prospects view the product online, it becomes easy for them to make informed decisions because it lets visitors know the features, what to expect, how this product is going to benefit them, etc. 

As a matter of fact, decorating products online gives meaning to the items which help increase sales. A study founded, 76% of audiences who conduct local searchers visit a store within 24 hours. For example, when a person studies a detailed examination of the product, its reviews, features, specifications, and factors, etc. It helps him resolve the pain points in a more suitable way. They get into a direct conversation if they want more information. Showing product not only solve problems but generate more traction and increase both share and purchase conversions. 

Make your Website Multilingual

Time is changing and in today’s digital world it’s very important for businesses to create a multilingual website. A single language website only caters to 30% of the global population.  However, businesses that participate in multi-language commerce achieve greater growth opportunities. A survey showed, 72.4 % of international consumers prefer online shopping sites in their native language whereas 55% only do business with sites offered in their native language. When you localize your website, it attracts a bunch of users and prospects at the time of making a purchase. They feel comfortable and connected with the brand. Moreover, it makes web presence more welcoming to the target region.

A multilingual lingual website helps market your brand, capture new leads, strengthen relationships and gives your business an international outlook in the most cost-effective manner. When it comes to buying online, a multilingual website puts the customer in ‘cultural comfort zone’ and demonstrates that your brand care for your customers. Meaning, when you show an extra effort, and make your eCommerce site multilingual, the customer thinks that you care for them. As a result, the customer or prospect feels more trouble-free and secure, it becomes easy for them to trust your brand as they know what they are buying, what will they get, and from whom they are making a purchase.

Try Happy Customer’s Testimonials

Testimonials are the best way to connect with your audience on a personal and emotional level. When a business adds testimonials it becomes an incentive. For example, testimonials from satisfied and happy customers clear the doubts and queries of the prospective customer much quickly and allow them to take a step forward and pick the product. Testimonials are considered as organic sources and they put visitor’s minds at ease. For example, testimonials allow visitors to know how they are satisfied after doing business with your brand and make it easier for prospects to believe that your brand is the answer to their problems.

It is the best and most powerful persuasion tool. Testimonials lead prospects to trust a brand. For example, when a real person shows real-life emotions through video, it compels a better story. Because when a customer posts a link it is considered as a third source that helps a brand and helps grow sales. Positive and powerful testimonials attract potential customers and prospects. They represent unbiased language. Meaning, if the testimonials are good and positive they will surely grab more business for your eCommerce.

Offer One-Tap Buying Experience

The idea of entering bills, getting shipping and adding information for one time, with just one simple tap puts your business a step ahead. This one-click shop interprets the idea of a hassle-free online shopping facility for visitors and users in the present time. Today, eCommerce holds a very strong position in the market. The one-tap buying facility offers a different experience to the customers which includes quick shipping, easy return policies, and low prices. This shows that one-click is far more valuable for the customer and benefits businesses more in the long run. 

Moreover, when a business adopts the one-tap buying strategy it allows businesses to plan ahead, attract plenty of repeat buyers. This way it becomes easy for the business to earn trust and implement effective sales strategies to drive enormous engagement and conversions. Moreover, it stops the customer from doing something by mistake at the time of making a purchase. It eases the customer buying experience. Hence, one-click purchasing is an improved and progressed technique. The one-click purchase method makes the purchase fast, smooth, and easy. This technique saves time and facilitates purchases done by mobile phone. When it comes to one-click purchasing experience and overall online shopping technique gives consumers a more secure feeling. With one-click shopping, they experience different results. 

Enable Review and Rating System 

The best way to drive traffic and conversions to your website is through enabling review and rating system. It helps to know more about the products and the services that a business offers. Also, through this system, customers can openly share their views about the services or the products that the brand offers. Today, users usually make purchases on the basis of opinions and experiences shared by consumers. The shared positive experiences build confidence in users and help them reach an informed decision. As a fact, the given reviews help the business know the weaknesses and strengths of the products. This in result, drives more traffic on the products and services and improves conversions and increased sales. 

Moreover, this system help improves keyword ranking. These reviews offer a large amount of data that contains relevant keywords to make your products and services distinguish to the search engine at the time of making a search. This surely helps gain a competitive edge in the eCommerce industry, improves brand visibility.  

Offer Free Items to Build Brand Equity 

Offer Free Items to Build Brand Equity

The best way to build brand equity is to encourage buyers with free items, coupons, and discounts to check out their business on your eCommerce site. It is worth noting that strong brand equity brings more business, more value, and longevity to the brand. When a customer is on your web page there is a possibility that he might get distracted, lost or get overloaded with the given choices and information. And the best way to put a stop to all these factors is to surprise them with free gifts and items. One should be mindful of offering free items or surprises grab more attention and makes the user or prospect eager to try out your brand. 

This is also one of the biggest advantages to want to win over competitors. These offers differentiate your brand and make it easier to remember at the next purchase. For example, when users connect with your brand with something positive it makes a solid impression in the mind of the prospect and makes him come back for the upcoming promotional products. According to a study, 62.2% of people remembered the products they received from a brand, whereas, 71.6% of the people remembered the brand that gave it to them. This means that offering free surprises to the visitors and consumers, not only benefits in grabbing users’ or prospect’s attention within no time but it is also a great way to raise awareness about the business.

Offer Benefits and Exit-Intent Popups to Customers

The best way to extend customer time to an eCommerce site is to offer certain discounts or utilize exit-intent popups at the time of customer or user leaving a website. When a customer decides to leave your page, take the benefit of the exit-intent popup. It stops the user and wants him to take the desired action. It is definitely the most effective and cost-efficient way to retain a visitor or a user for a longer period of time. The exit-intent popup ensures that the user gets the maximum benefit in order to make him come back again. These pop-ups obstruct from making any mistakes. When a person, at the time of making purchase forgets to fully complete the checkout process, these pop-ups help appear to double-check before the transaction method is processed.

Moreover, before a user intends to leave a page without completing the task. It helps him to come back and finish it later from where he left off. This way, these exit-intent popups saves both time and energy. Thus, this little piece of content offers every opportunity that might stop the customer from leaving your website. And help build a solid relationship between the user and the business that will later turn into a profitable business.

Now, many brands offer a countdown timer that rewards visitors. Meaning, customers complete checkout within a certain given time frame and once they leave, they are rewarded with certain discounts. This technique not only benefits the visitor but also increase sales by making them buy from you.


With the rise of the eCommerce industry, the demand for online buying and selling is increasing day by day. This is why it is important to ensure good visibility and user-friendliness. As an eCommerce site is all about convenience and ease. 

So if you want to save time and thousands of dollars, automate your brand with end-to-end business networking solutions. Attract more people, more sales and more business to your eCommerce site.

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