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Email or IM? Get the Best of Both Worlds with SeeBiz Messenger

The central element of communication is at the core of every business. Organized and efficient communication is key to successfully running a team. This is what distinguishes great leadership from poor management. It’s a factor that results in missing out on great opportunities. For most businesses the means of communication is by email or phone. Poor communication results in many issues and does not materialize until after the fact. Serious consequences result from this and they oftentimes get harder and harder to face. These issues are preventable in the first place.

Communication Becomes Better

Good communication gives your connections a clear understanding of company policies, vision, marketing, and sales strategies. This communication helps you meet goals and set new ones. In turn, your liaisons get the answers they need to questions regarding your products and services.

Gaps in communication and misunderstandings are resolved when a team is on the same page. It fosters transparency and a harmonious working environment too. You will discover more productive members of the company. While it is true that keen and engaged employees are important to the company, sometimes that is not enough.  It’s not only how satisfied your team members are, but about creating the right culture within the company. This kind of engagement is measured through improved results, which leads to 20% increase in sales.

Emails vs. Instant Messaging

Emails are the standard when choosing the right communication tools. Individuals and companies alike use emails for commercial purposes. They allow the sender the time to properly compose a message and set the tone for a discussion thread. On the receiving end, the recipient has context to write relevant responses. This sets into motion an exchange of messages.

With the boom of instant messaging platforms, the role that emails play has definitely evolved. The amount of email accounts worldwide continues to grow. Last year alone, “the total number of business and consumer emails sent and received per day will exceed 281 billion” and is expected to increase to over 333 billion at the end of 2022. 

A disadvantage of emails, that instant messaging addresses off-the-bat, is the immediacy of receiving a response. A constant stream of communication increases productivity through collaboration. It also provides updates in realtime. This ultimately leads to quicker resolutions.

A Better Solution

“SeeBiz Messenger is a comfortable middle-ground between the two means of communication.”

The SeeBiz Messenger works like sending an email, but more efficiently. You can conduct business transactions through a secure and private network. You won’t ever have to worry about miscommunication. It is one of the platform’s key assets. Communication with other businesses through email, direct messages, separately and in groups is easier.

As a result, it is a combination of instant messaging and email. You now have the convenience of sending a message immediately without delays and long lead times. It certainly solves the problem of response delays that can lead to serious consequences. SeeBiz Messenger is a comfortable middle-ground between the two means of communication. It is modern and streamlined, but comprehensive. 

Sending Files With SeeBiz Messenger

On SeeBiz Messenger, you can send attachments like files, photos, videos, of up to 20MB to your connections. Sending a message can be done in different ways:

  • At the top right corner of the SeeBiz header, click on the Message icon.
  • SeeBiz Messenger automatically loads your chat history, contacts groups and starred contacts, as well as archived messages.
  • On a connection’s profile, click the Message button on the top right corner. 
  • Send a message regarding a particular published post when it appears anywhere on SeeBiz.

In addition, when you invite your contacts on SeeBiz it integrates them into the database. This gives you a network and convenient contact list to work with. You can send a quote for your product catalog or drive traffic to your website more effectively within our platform. SeeBiz Messenger is an effective tool in making sure that your connections are in the loop. You eliminate risks, that would otherwise be detrimental to your marketing and sales strategies, by updating your connections.

Recognition and Feedback

SeeBiz Messenger allows you to receive feedback from your connections without the hold up, since they can see your messages immediately. The SeeBiz platform gives you a space to communicate and make sure that each party’s voice is heard. You can collaborate on efficient solutions and increase the profitability of both businesses. This incorporates a more extensive range of perspectives in the decision-making process. And that is pivotal for your business strategy. Collaboration delivers quality results for everybody.

Above all, contacting partners and team members with effective communication tools is the beginning of a fruitful business strategy. In the long-term, businesses can also enhance brand optics, boost sales and optimize profit. Our platform will engage your company with businesses within your industry. SeeBiz also expands your reach and exposure on the global playing field. 

Written by
Victoria Billones

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