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How Do You Find New Wholesale Customers?

New potential wholesale customers are tough to seek out. Where do you begin? It can be difficult to pinpoint the customers that are the most relevant to your business. But there are ways you can determine this information. After all, e-commerce marketing revolves around target demographics. 

When you find out who you need to be more visible to, then everything else becomes more clear. And hopefully, as a result, the connections you make will last longer. The improvement of your online visibility will also help with the overall goal of increasing your engagement and sales. Here is a helpful outline to determine who your customers are and how to actually connect with them. 

What Is Your Competition Doing?

The best place to start looking for new wholesale customers is with your competition. It is important to ask questions about your competition. Staying updated about what tactics and trends your competition are using is the easiest way to stay ahead in the game. Just ask questions, do research, and improve your knowledge of b2b trends. 

Don’t be afraid to contact your competition’s list of vendors and business partners. This list can usually be found in some form or another on their website or social media pages. These businesses are a good place to start, because they are already interested in the products you sell. This gives you the opportunity to offer an incentive or promotion for switching to your business. Effective customer service should leave them satisfied and might even lead to a referral or two. 

Who Is Your Target Wholesale Customer?

Targeting wholesale partners requires knowledge of very specific demographics. Determining which segment of the b2b industry you need to focus on will greatly enhance your marketing efforts. Tightly define who you want to sell your products to and you will notice the results immediately. You also need to be sure you know exactly who your target customers are. You need to know what products they’re interested in. This can influence your marketing strategy in a lot of different ways.

Do they shop locally or internationally? The location of their buying decisions can determine how well your business will be received by them. In short, you have to know everything you can about your target customers. The details that motivate and drive their buying decisions will affect every aspect of your sales and marketing strategies. Understanding your customers is the key to being successful in any business. 

Where Do You Look For New Customers?

The area you search for your customers will help determine how successful your sales will be. First, determine who your target demographic is. Then, do thorough research to find out if there is a correlation between specific locations and their relevance. If you’re searching locally for customers, and they buy internationally, you won’t get a very good response from those buyers. This includes relevance of products too. Ideally you want to target the buyers who are in the business of the products you sell, where you sell them.

Search By Geography 

E-commerce is defined by customers of every age, location, and interest. There is a highly refined segment of customers who are interested in what you sell. You just have to know where to find them. There are countless variables to consider that affect demographics. Information is where your search begins. 

You’ll want to immerse yourself in as much data as you can about your customers. There are many online tools that will help you research potential buyers. Once you have enough information you can find out where your demographic is located. Out of this knowledge you can tweak your current marketing strategy or simply create a new one. 

Make sure you narrow your specifications down to a region or city. It’s more effective to narrow down your target location to as much detail as possible. The more details you can get the better. This strategy will give you more precise buyers and likely more profitable connections too. 

Use Trade Shows To Your Advantage

You don’t have to attend or spend money on trade shows. If you’re a small business, then budgeting for trade shows is not something you can realistically afford. It can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to set up a booth and attend most trade events. Instead of spending excess money for something you don’t need, you can contact businesses you want to connect with. 

Go right to the source and contact the businesses attending trade shows for yourself. You can do this by researching upcoming trade shows on a national and local level. Make a list of all the trade shows you find and go from there.

Find the most relevant businesses to connect with and make a list of exhibitors to contact. This list of contacts should be based on all of the exhibitors and attendees of the trade shows. Oftentimes, you’ll find lists on the trade show websites or social media pages. If you do the research the information is available for you to find. You’ll be surprised by how many businesses you can find that will want to speak with you about your products. After all, the wholesale industry was built on successful networking. 

Find the Decision-Makers

As you probably already know, finding the right person to talk to about building a relationship can take weeks or months. In wholesale there are many moving parts and that means many people to talk to. Take your time making new connections. Each person you talk to only helps to build stronger business connections. 

Speak with as many people as you can until you find the main decision-makers. These are the people who can decide whether they want to purchase your products or not. The decision-makers are also the people you’ll want to build strong relationships with over time. Repeat business is the best outcome for making new wholesale connections. 

Send Samples of Your Products 

One of the most common forms of customer outreach is by sending samples of your products out to businesses you want to connect with. This gives them a better idea of the kinds of products you have to offer.

In order to be successful at sending samples you need to commit to sending them out every week or every month. Being consistent is the best way to reach out to customers. You can be creative with the samples you send too. Try to include something fun in your sample packages. Be sure to follow-up with your potential customers and ask questions. Build these relationships as you go. 

Deliver the Best Customer Service

The easiest way to get new customers is by keeping your existing customers happy. If your customers are happy with your service and products, then they are more likely to refer your business to the people they know. You can also create incentives and promotions for those businesses that are referred to you. This will keep your customers happy and help you gain new customers. 

Always Be Communicating 

Keep your customers, retailers, and distributors in the loop about any news or information about products. Communicating about your brand helps keep your business fresh in their minds. Personally let your customers know via social media or phone calls about company news. They are less likely to see promotional emails as intrusive, because they have heard news about your brand. 

Phone calls are always the most personal way to reach out. Find the customers in your contact list who have made repeat purchases and call them. Ask questions about their experience and who they know. The more communication you have with your customers, the more informed you will be. They will also feel more appreciated that you took the time to contact them. 

Communicating effectively is one of the best techniques to gain new wholesale customers. It’s important to know which areas of communication need improvement to achieve this goal. So ask yourself how can you communicate better?

Improve Your Online Visibility

Update your website. Online ads create more visibility for your brand. Research and discover new marketing strategies that will work for your business. Make a list of your goals and what kinds of customers you are trying to attract. Be as detailed as you can. Having a clear and concise strategy will help you stay focused and on track. 

Hire the right people to help you achieve your goals. Many wholesalers are used to the traditional methods of networking and marketing. E-commerce marketing is the new standard and it is constantly evolving. If you don’t know much about online platforms or the different ways to implement ad campaigns, then it’s worth the investment to find a digital marketer. 

You want your search rankings to be as high as they can be with the budget you have. Marketing, SEO, content, graphics, and web design are a huge part of this. The right marketing team will improve your customer interactions and help your business grow immediately. This is one of the strongest ways to organically gain new wholesale customers. 

Stand Out as an Industry Expert

One way to generate a lot more interest in your company is by promoting your expertise in the b2b industry. Wholesalers are always looking to learn more about the marketplace, especially when it comes to product sourcing. Use the internet to your advantage by sharing new content, company news, and announcements about products. Your customers will be interested to hear your opinions and experience. As a result, this generates more trust in the quality of your brand. 

If you feel confident enough in your wholesale experience, you can explore the idea of holding workshops. These workshops should be about your specific area of expertise. The people who attend your workshop are more likely to partner with you. Any contact you have with another wholesaler is an opportunity to promote your brand image. 

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media is a very effective replacement for trade shows. A majority of wholesalers are already using social media personally. Businesses are also harnessing the switch to e-commerce by adding their businesses to social media platforms. Now is the time to reach out and connect with these wholesalers.

SeeBiz is a great social media platform made specifically for the b2b industry. You can upload your entire product catalog for your connections to view. This platform has other main features that are very useful if you run a wholesale business. There’s an inventory management system, a customer relationship management system, an invoice generator, and sales order tracking. All of these features optimize your operations, while you network and connect with new wholesale businesses. 

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