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Inventory Management Techniques to Grow Your Business

The wholesale distribution business relies heavily on proper inventory management techniques. These techniques can be difficult to find and hone, especially as consumer demand fluctuates. Depending on the type of business you run, the techniques you use may vary. This is where it is important to find a platform that can be flexible and customizable for what you need.

Inventory moving in and out of the stockroom consistently has the potential to be the source of errors. Managing these products efficiently is one of the quickest ways to confirm accuracy. You can also make sure that customers always get their products in a timely manner. Operational efficiency is the easiest way to deliver the best buyer experience. As a result, it helps you build stronger business relationships based on trust and satisfaction.

Digital Records of Inventory Movement

Keeping a digital record of your inventory is the best way to improve the way your business is run. This is an emerging technique in the b2b industry. More wholesalers and distributors are finding a digital technique to be the most profitable in terms of accuracy and organization. There are quite a few wholesale businesses who still manage their inventory on paper and through physical logging. While keeping a physical count of your inventory is important, a digital method proves to be the most efficient and free of human errors.

There are many inventory management systems available that can help you keep track of your products. Depending on your workflow, you can transition to an online system fairly quickly. When products are shipped out or when they come into your stockroom, you can keep track of exactly where they are by digitally logging their status. Digital inventory logs are the most effective way to make sure your products arrive at the expected time.

Tracking Inventory Every Day

Tracking Inventory Everyday

One thing larger and more successful companies do is track their inventory every day. The volume of products coming in and out of the stockroom is very high. Due to customer demand and product turnover, inventory management is essential to maintaining error-free sales and great customer service. For the b2b industry, tracking your inventory each day is an essential part of running smooth operations.

Most software available requires more than one supporting application or platform. With inventory management already being time-consuming and challenging, it makes more sense to find a solution that is as integrated as possible. If you can narrow it down to one platform, then that will help you save money and deliver better customer service in the long-run.

Accurate Inventory Counting

Making sure your inventory records match the physical inventory count you have in your warehouse at any given time. The size of your warehouse and the demand your company needs to meet will have an effect on how often these counts should be done. The accuracy of your inventory count has a direct effect on sales and customer satisfaction as well.

Maintaining and improving an accurate inventory count is detailed and varies on which products your business values more. One technique to ensure this accuracy is by cycle counting. This allows you to save time by only counting a certain number of products. By this count, you can guess how accurate the rest of the warehouse is. If errors are found, then new techniques for counting can be set into place. As a result, your warehouse stays organized and accounted for.

Control of Stock Levels

Being low on stock or running out of stock is the worst-case scenario for any business. One of the most effective and simple ways to control your stock levels is to maintain a minimum level for specific items. You would order new stock when the items reach an established minimum level. This is typically how small business controls its products.

Having a safety stock is another technique that businesses use to control their inventory levels. This may backfire on you though, resulting in the risks of excess inventory. There is also a risk that you won’t be able to sell the excess stock. This can result in more problems than solutions. Get your stock management in order with the right inventory management software for your business.

Accurate Response Reduces Customer Demand Cost

Forecasting for demands is one of the most challenging, but effective ways to manage your inventory accurately. Using insights and analytics, you can accurately predict how much of a product you will need at any time. Categorizing products in order of importance is also an effective way to cater to customer demands. You can manage products based on their level of importance and separate them from the rest of the stock.

Accurate Response Reduces Customer Demand Cost

Inventory management often includes multiple methods at once. To maintain an accurate inventory count you may have to implement more than one technique. These inventory management methods can be combined in an efficient way. Depending on how big or small your business is, you can find the techniques that work specifically for you.

Digital Trends Affecting Warehouse Management

Inventory management for the b2b industry is largely affected by digital trends. With the emergence of advanced and integrated technologies, the method for managing your warehouse continues to evolve. Operations and inventory management are becoming more seamless than they have ever been. Better tools create a better system for you to manage your products. This eliminates errors and the potential for a better management process to help your business run more smoothly.

SeeBiz is among the most effective digital trends in the b2b industry. It is a b2b networking platform with an integrated inventory management system. This combination of business tools allows you to control and manage your inventory more accurately. At the same time, you can stay connected to your business contacts and inform them of any changes in your inventory. If you just received a new shipment of a product, you can let your contacts know on the same platform, while sharing product details. This digitally integrated technique is a key method for managing your products.

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