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MAGIC Las Vegas 2019 Trade Show

MAGIC trade show in Las Vegas is the premiere fashion trade show held in Las Vegas twice a year. It is arguably the largest trade show in the United States and it’s among the top ten international trade shows. All of the top fashion decision makers and influencers attend this highlighted event of the year. MAGIC covers all of the major fashion categories including, “men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel, accessories, and footwear to manufacturing resources and service providers.”

It draws over 95,000 people in the industry globally to Las Vegas every year. This trade event showcases fashion brands from around the world. Basically if your brand is in the fashion industry you likely are one of the attendees this week. 

The History Behind MAGIC Las Vegas

If you don’t know how this massive worldwide event began, it has an interesting and colorful beginning. Here is a little bit more about the history of the trade show MAGIC Las Vegas. It was started in 1933 by the Men’s Apparel Guild In California. In the 1970’s it opened its doors to worldwide manufacturers. Originally, during its inception, it only showcased men’s high fashion and the latest trends. Over time, it began to include other types of apparel and manufacturing services.

They started first by including clothing for young boys. MAGIC welcomed women’s fashion into its exhibitions in 1995. This made the trade show open up to a whole new world of retailers, buyers, and brands. The trade show was growing at such an alarming rate that it was forced to relocate to a larger arena. As a result, it made an ambitious move to Las Vegas in 1989. It is now the largest global market week in apparel for men and women in the contemporary marketplace. 

The Benefits Of Attending MAGIC Las Vegas

There are many benefits to attending the MAGIC trade show in Las Vegas. The number one reason to attend is to network among the best and brightest in the fashion industry. Making new connections is one of the largest benefits of this trade show. If you’re attending this event it’s a great opportunity to find new buyers, retailers, and manufacturers in your industry. 

Another benefit of attending this particular trade show is the new products that will be on display from around the world. It is a global event with people from around the world in attendance. This is the opportunity to see all of the new items in every niche of fashion. It is a wealth of new information about products that may benefit your business. Not to mention, the vendors are in attendance as well, and they can answer all of the questions you have. It’s a fun opportunity to see what are the new and popular products in your industry. 

The Disadvantages of Attending MAGIC Las Vegas

Despite the wonderful advantages of attending MAGIC Las Vegas, there are many disadvantages to consider too. Costs for attending the event are very high. In order to exhibit or even just to attend you have to prepare a significant amount of time and money for the week. With employee expenses, printing expenses, and costs for the event itself, you are losing a great deal of money and time that can be spent doing more profitable marketing. While the networking and exposure is great, there are more effective marketing strategies that will increase your online visibility. 

Connect With Vendors After the Show

“SeeBiz is the best business solution for MAGIC Las Vegas 2019.”

A much better opportunity for you to still connect with vendors who attend MAGIC Las Vegas is to use SeeBiz to connect with vendors after the show. SeeBiz is the tool you can use to make sure your business gets the connections you want from the show. Retailers, manufacturers, and other leaders and influencers in the fashion industry can post updates and announcements from their days at the event. You also have access to other vendors’ product catalogs all in one place online. 

The highlights and new products featured at the event are visible by using the SeeBiz platform. The other bonus is that you don’t have to spend the time and money that it costs to attend the trade show. You can save money to spend on more effective marketing strategies. By using our platform you gain the leading advantage. You will stay ahead of the competition and have extra time to focus on your products and marketing. 

SeeBiz is the best business solution for MAGIC Las Vegas 2019. In addition, you can reaffirm that you are a leading expert in your industry by avoiding the unnecessary expenses of the show. You can network and gain the same benefits, as if you were attending the event, by using SeeBiz to connect with businesses at this week’s trade show.

As a result, you can focus your attention where it should be, on your brand and your products. Networking in the industry has never been this easy before. Take advantage of the special benefits SeeBiz has to offer your business and you’ll see your business expand. 

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