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Meaningful Connections in the Age of Digital Networking

“It is our challenge as business leaders to make meaningful connections.”

We live in a postmodern world. Everything is Google-able and every single task you can think of now has a digital alternative. It is our challenge as business leaders to make meaningful connections. How do we use technology to leverage business-scale communication in a way that is actually beneficial? 

A Case Against Trade Shows

We previously talked about the opportunity costs of traditional networking. Specifically, trade shows. Sure, there is an advantage in registering to trade organizations. But this is one of the cases where the costs outweigh the benefits. 

Trade events are expensive to begin with. Consider the travel. The accommodations and logistics that is required when you travel to get your team to the venue are costly. Not to mention, when you source the team and the materials to set-up the booth on-site. Secondly, trade shows are time-consuming. This is a logistics situation. The time manning your booth must be split with going around the booths of other companies in the hope to make meaningful connections. 

These conferences require you to be physically present too. If not on the company’s time, then on your own time. And very often, there is hardly any incentive to take valuable time out of your own schedule in order to make the effort to be there. In addition, trade events expose you to a confined and limited environment. This is an aspect that many people don’t take into consideration.

The Challenges of Networking At Trade Shows

While you represent your company at an event that has tens of thousands of people you are still only able to network with who is there. You will only make connections with companies who are present within a finite number days. These people walk by your booth and are registered with the trade show organization. Even then, there is a large chance that these people do not represent the company directly. 

These events are not for every business. For seasoned regulars, hundreds and thousands of dollars are normally allocated to the company’s annual budget. But not all businesses have that kind of funding to spend. 

Most of all, the interactions are less valuable. Unless your brand is fairly known, at most of these events, exhibitors stand at the booths and give away trinkets in an effort to network. You encourage passersby to follow you on social media. It is also difficult to manually drive traffic onto your booth unless you have strategized months in advance. Even worse, if you’re a tiny company, you get lumped into a room with other tiny companies selling the same products. Each company hopes to get a chance at being noticed. The competition at trade shows is incredibly stiff.

Meaningful Connections Are Lost

Nevertheless, you become stuck in a marketing bottleneck. And although there are attendees that are willing engage at the bottom of the food chain, most of them will not. They often take a pen and walk away. Sometimes they leave their business card. Sometimes they also say hi. In other cases, it’s the other way around. Sometimes, you’re the one going to a company’s booth awkwardly trying to ease your way into some version of a chit chat and casually segue into the subject of the actual trade show. As you try to slip in your company’s mission vision at the same time. You hope it doesn’t come across as a sales pitch.

Genuine connections that are born out of meaningful conversations are incredibly rare. These conversations often take an individual who is genuinely motivated to establish a business relationship. And what are the chances? At the most, you’ll probably get 2 in a day. 3 if it’s a really good day. Luck is on your side and you saw a unicorn. 

And even then, after all your efforts, with all the contacts that you have gathered, it’s tedious to follow-up with every single one. In the end, trade shows come off as costly and labor-intensive. They confine the reach and exposure of your business to a limited number of companies and an even narrower subset of key individuals. Is there a way these networking events can pay off? Absolutely. There are still very few things that can replace human interaction. Not to mention, you’re still exposing your company to a large playing field where the attendees are related to your industry. But in the end, the case for these conventions is built around the hype that surrounds them. 

The Connections that Matter

SeeBiz is designed exactly with this experience in mind. Our founders have gone through the same drawn out methods of exhibiting at events of all sizes. We know what it’s like to return with results that are disillusioning and unproductive. Our platform digitally compresses the traditional networking process, because we believe that traditions are meant to evolve. SeeBiz exists as a social networking tool for businesses. Your meaningful connections are grouped in a single space, with plenty of room to grow. 

Because our platform is on a digital scale, we are changing the rules. You have the reins now. It’s accessible from wherever you are. There’s no need to take time out of your schedule. You don’t have to worry about canvassing for booth companies to set-up on-site. SeeBiz has the infrastructure you need. We have laid out all the groundwork for you. So that all that’s missing is you. 

Bridging Companies Within The Same Industry

Interactions at trade events are awkward and tricky. Our platform is focused around the connections that you already trust. The best part is that SeeBiz is versatile for any business. It is easy to use and your reach is not bound by the limits of time and space. The claustrophobia-inducing days of being lumped into a hall full of other tiny businesses are over. The platform is meant to bridge companies together within the same industry. This strategy boosts engagement on a global scale. Because it’s not just about how many connections you have, it’s about how meaningful they are.

The “Companies You May Know” feature allows you to discover other companies that have mutual connections. You can also connect to businesses that share similar products and locations.

When all is said and done we cannot bring back the past opportunities that you missed. However, we will give you better ones. SeeBiz can certainly provide better solutions to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Written by
Victoria Billones

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