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Networking Solutions For Wholesale Distributors

The wholesale industry has reached a turning point as a result of e-commerce takeover. One aspect of the industry that is feeling this shift in landscape the most are the wholesale distributors. Distributors are the middle-men between manufacturers and consumers. Some would argue they are the most important cog in the chain, because they connect people to their products. But how do wholesale distributors stay connected themselves? Networking is a fundamental issue in our industry that has come to light in the wake of the e-commerce boom. 

Online Presence As A Distributor

With all of the selections now available, how can you stand out as a distributor and network to your business’s advantage? Efficient e-commerce operations are essential to profitability as a key distributor. First you have to establish an online presence that leads you to your target audience. Online presence means staying connected to your target audience and showcasing your products in the best way. It’s important to remember that the goal here is to attract and attain new business connections. 

Without a doubt high volume wholesale distributors and drop-shippers work within unique distribution channels. This makes networking in the B2B marketplace of distributors and manufacturers harder than it has ever been before. In order to build up your professional network you must be involved in some kind of industry group. Building relationships with industry insiders isn’t as easy as it seems. The amount of connections in the industry are too large to keep track of. Building and managing your professional network is a key component for the success of your enterprise. 

One-On-One Networking

As a result, when you are able to communicate one on one with other wholesalers it eliminates the ambiguity parts of the internet provides. Direct messaging and improving communication with business contacts is the heart of managing and nurturing your potential and existing connections. The SeeBiz platform allows you to implement all of these changes in your channels of communication. You can relate to your existing connections through direct messaging together with the SeeBiz newsfeed, which allows you to share information in real time. Your connections are your best indicator as to what is working as a networking strategy.

It’s easier to keep existing connections happy than trying to make new ones happy. You can develop these relationships while you manage them. Furthermore, focusing your attention on your existing contacts will help you to build up your credibility and increase loyalty with your base. Using the SeeBiz messenger is an effective way to improve communication that will lead to more success in your future. These businesses you already connect with are the base for your continued expansion. 

Sharing Information Is Easier

Firstly, the more knowledge you have, the better. Order quantities, keeping track of prices, grouping your contacts, and reliable estimated projection of sales are some of the details you can access readily through your SeeBiz account. The inventory management system allows you to manage and control all of the important details your business connections care about.  This information is the most accurate available and it’s easier to share it with your contacts. 

Ultimately, every aspect of your business can benefit from streamlining operations. More efficient networking will save you time. The extra time is something you can use to help your distribution business grow. SeeBiz is the new platform distributors can use to grow efficiently. With SeeBiz you can identify areas that need improved efficiency. Using our digital platform makes certain that your wholesale expansion is more likely to be a huge success.


Successful companies have already been fully embracing e-commerce. It’s a phenomenon that has been in the works for some time now. Based on a recent survey it’s evident that, “86% of US-based B2B companies with over $500M in annual revenues have already implemented e-commerce solutions…” It is essential for a company to establish and promote an online presence now, before your competitors are even farther ahead in the game. 

This is the time to use SeeBiz as an effective marketing solution, so you don’t end up with a warehouse full of stock. SeeBiz can also be used as a tool to measure success with our inventory management system. It can highlight your most profitable areas. This allows you to re-focus your efforts where they need to be. 

Connections Are What Really Matters

Automation in the buying process has made the consumer demanding. That means expectations are constantly shifting too. Consumers don’t have time to deal with complicated questions. They expect the experience to be seamless. SeeBiz helps by making your products easier to navigate. Front end purchasing and ordering becomes easier when your supply chain management and invoicing systems are streamlined. Operational efficiency also makes it easier to communicate with your customers. This solution helps you to keep your attention on your connections and their questions and concerns. 

Above all, diligent planning is what makes a successful wholesale distributor. There are endless opportunities for further expansion and growth when similar brands and products are within your reach. You can expand on your existing and potential client base. Wholesale distribution is a lucrative channel if you network to the best of your abilities. 

The goal that SeeBiz has is to help to improve on your profit without a huge strain on your resources or a huge effort. Further research supports the idea that focusing on your networking and developing relationships should have the bulk of your attention as a business leader. “…82 percent of manufacturers and 92 percent of distributors believe problems in their working relationships hurt sales and profits.” 

Networking smarter and more efficiently is the solution to a majority of your business’s challenges. Consider the above tips to improve your networking strategy. It’s time to rethink the way wholesale distributors connect in our industry. When you actively implement SeeBiz you will certainly see your business grow. 

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