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SeeBiz Companies: Ace Sewing Machine Company

Are you an up and coming garment manufacturer or an old pro looking to refresh your stable of hardware? If you’re in fashion and garment manufacturing, you need sewing machines, and you need a lot of sewing machines. If this is a problem you have, then there’s only one wholesale solution for getting a whole fleet of sewing machines right here in the USA at a competitive wholesale price.

Ace Sewing is the Ace of Sewing

Ace Sewing has been the right answer for American garment manufacturers at home right here in the US since 1986. They are located right in Los Angeles where the fashion district lives, and are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from wherever fashion warehouse you need to set up shop. They have a warehouse stockpile of over 100,000 machines, parts, and sewing tools like shears and replacement parts ready to ship today and can outfit your manufacturing operation with no hassle.

The History of the Sewing Machine

The first patent for a mechanical sewing device was issued 1755 in England to German engineer Charles Fredrick Wiesenthal. The first proper sewing machine was later invented in 1790 by Charles Saint, who created it for the purpose of sewing canvas and leather, using a double needle chain stitch method.

The practical sewing machine that was widely used was invented by a French tailor in 1829. It was patented in 1830, and the first garment factory that used sewing machines was built the same year, and contracted by the French Army to sew uniforms.

The modern sewing machine as we know them today was invented in 1844. However, because of a mistake trying to secure a patent, Isaac Merriitt Singer got the credit for inventing the modern sewing machine in 1851. He would go on to receive all the benefits and glory of owning the patent. Singer today is still a market leader in sewing machine manufacturing.


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