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SeeBiz Companies: Aerosoft Footwear USA LLC.

The SeeBiz platform has a vast number of innovative wholesale vendors from every industry. Each wholesale company is unique in its own way and industry. One thing remains constant though. Wholesale e-commerce continues to evolve every day. As a result, the wholesalers on our platform are part of the changing global conversation about commerce. 

For example, one company has dominated the wholesale shoe industry. They successfully sell their products to customers and retailers around the world. Now they are using SeeBiz to grow their wholesale networking and online visibility. Let’s take a closer look at how Aerosoft Footwear got to where they are now. 

Aerosoft Footwear USA LLC. History

To illustrate, it all started in 1984 when Aerosoft Footwear began producing shoes. They reinvented the way shoes were being made. Additionally, this wholesale company began using polyurethane materials which provides a lot of benefits for foot support. As it turns out, less dense materials tend to absorb more shock. This new material is naturally resistant to water, oil, and grease too. These qualities are highly beneficial for everyday footwear.

Over the years the eye-catching designs and colors of Aerosoft Footwear have created a reputation for the company. In 1992, the company began to focus on producing “direct on upper” shoes. This method of shoe production made the company achieve extremely high sales demands. 

As a matter of fact, the adoption of this mode of production made their main brand focus Aerosoft. After this, Aerosoft Footwear was the only shoe producer in Thailand from 1996 to 2001 to produce, sell, and export shoes under the name Dunlop. Dunlop is a renowned shoe company from England. More recently, they continue to be a successful wholesale shoe company, consistently producing better and stylish designs. Their online marketing and customer support are dedicated and more organized with the help of SeeBiz.  

Aerosoft Footwear USA LLC. Products

Aerosoft has become a household name due to its effective and truthful slogan, “softer, lighter and more comfortable”. Their shoes are comfortable for everyday wear and stylish for any occasion. As a result, the quality and comfort of their wholesale products makes them a notable wholesaler in the shoe industry. 

Specifically, they are always creating new designs and evolving with the wholesale industry. Aerosoft Footwear USA LLC. has thousands of products available online for wholesale. If you’re looking for new wholesale shoe products, then Aerosoft Footwear has the quality products you need.

SeeBiz and the Wholesale Shoe Industry

Firstly, one of SeeBiz’s main goals is to make it easier for wholesalers in the b2b shoe industry to connect. Our platform functions as a replacement for wholesale trade shows. You can network with the vendors, manufacturers, and wholesalers you really need to connect with. Networking with SeeBiz will save you from wasting thousands of dollars on these events. The results you see are more effective and will help your business find lasting connections. 

In addition, you can improve your wholesale business operations with our inventory management system. Our IMS helps you keep track of sales orders, purchase orders, generate invoices, and manage your inventory from one place. Nevertheless, you can also stay connected with your customers if they have any questions during the sales process.

Moreover, the SeeBiz newsfeed is a great way to stay connected with your current and potential customers too. You can post announcements, insights, and new products. Your wholesale customers can contact you directly and privately on each post. Furthermore, every conversation is secure, so your customer relationships remain confidential. Connect with the wholesalers in your industry by joining SeeBiz today.      

Overall, as a leading producer of shoes in the industry, Aerosoft Footwear is using SeeBiz to its full capabilities. You too can be a successful wholesale business, just like Aerosoft Footwear, by implementing our platform in your daily operations.

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