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SeeBiz Companies: BD Collection

SeeBiz has partnered with BD Collection to give you the best wholesale apparel in women’s fashion. This wholesale company boasts a young contemporary clothing line in the heart of Southern California. They are an innovative force in women’s apparel and the wholesale fashion industry. Here is a closer look at BD Collection and its wholesale brand in the industry. 

BD Collection: History

This company powers Built By Dreamers. It is a young and fast growing wholesale company based in Downtown, Los Angeles. They produce high quality women’s fashion and apparel. The company has grown out of their team’s hard work and into the global market. BD Collection has grown to foster ten thousand boutique sellers and websites that feature their trendsetting products.

Passion is what sets this company apart from other wholesale fashion companies. They work continuously to create products for women that are comfortable and stylish. BD Collection creates fashion that women will love. These fashion decisions are based on customer feedback and genuine care of design and function. 

BD Collection: Products

Their products are geared toward educated and creative women. They wanted to offer these affluent women the opportunity to dress comfortably while keeping up with popular trends. They are always looking to be innovative and creative with their designs. Each new season BD Collection reveals new products to satisfy their customer’s demands. Every product from BD Collection is trendy and made from the softest products. 

SeeBiz and the Wholesale Fashion Industry

Los Angeles is a hot spot for wholesalers in the apparel industry. This is especially true for wholesalers and manufacturers in the wholesale fashion industry. SeeBiz’s main goal is to provide these wholesalers with the right tools to stay connected and find new customers. SeeBiz is a tool for the wholesale fashion industry that helps to streamline business operations.  

The technology SeeBiz provides helps businesses like BD Collection connect with their customers. The business tools on our platform also help these wholesalers to find more customers. If you have a large inventory of apparel items you can easily manage it with our inventory management system. You can also keep track of purchase orders, sales orders, and generate invoices. These features of our platform help to streamline operations while eliminating errors. 

SeeBiz’s social networking platform keeps you connected with your customers even after the purchases have been made. The newsfeed and communication tools provide you with the means to stay up-to-date with the latest b2b trends. You can also directly communicate with your wholesale customers, answer questions, and get real product suggestions. Trends are one of the most important influences in making new products. With SeeBiz, you can be in the front lines of fashion and help to influence b2b trends.    

Connect With BD Collection on SeeBiz

As a global women’s clothing brand BD Collection can connect with their customers around the world on one platform. That means more communication and spreading their brand to more people. If you’re a wholesaler looking to connect with a globally celebrated women’s clothing brand, then they have what you are looking for. 

Join SeeBiz today at to connect with wholesalers in your industry.

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