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SeeBiz Companies: Diamond Visions

Quick, look around your retail store. Or if you’re not a brick and mortar retailer, pretend you’re in the last retail store you visited. Walk up to the cashier’s counter, and what do you see?

Colors, tiny objects, cigarette lighters, keychains, candy bars, toys and trinkets! Everywhere you go, the little items might be different, but the plan is always the same. They’re counter display items. You know exactly what it sounds like. These items you display on a counter, end cap, or in a free-standing cardboard structure.

The Diamond Kings of Counter Display

Who is the wholesale solution for these kinds of items? Can you get them in a one stop shopping catalog? You absolutely can. Diamond Visions are the wholesale distributor kings of counter display items. They can get you everything from tools, cell phone accessories, eyewear, lighters, small toys, keychains, dog toys, health and beauty products, single packaged food items, and anything else you can think of that sits on a counter display unit, because counter display units are what they do.

The Diamonds Are Close To You

Diamond Visions is an American company with a warehouse and showroom three miles away from Chicago O’Hare International airport. That means that no matter where you are in the country, once you order from Diamond Visions, your product is never far away from getting on a plane and going wherever it needs to be. Undeniably, Diamond Visions has a history of serving retailers, non profits, and other wholesalers and are industry leaders in counter display items.

What Is An Impulse Purchase, And Why Sell It?

An “impulse purchase” is any item that you sell your retail customer that they didn’t come to your shop planning to buy. Counter display items are strategic impulse buy items. Because they are small, cheap, and easy for your customer to throw into their cart or throw onto the counter in front of the cashier to purchase. They rely upon the customer’s emotional need for instant gratification. After all, there’s nothing more gratifying than tearing open the wrapper on a piece of candy. Specifically, loading your cashier counters with impulse purchase items like counter display items from Diamond Visions is an easy way to squeeze your customers for a little extra margin on the way out the door.

Do you have a one stop wholesale solution for a category of products in your retail establishment? Want to find one? You can get in touch with specialty wholesalers and distributors like Diamond Visions on, the wholesale business to business network.

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