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SeeBiz Companies: Floral Supply Syndicate

One-Stop Shopping For Retail Florists

Since 1939, Floral Supply Syndicate has been the one stop shop for retail florists. If you’re a florist or have a garden section in your retail establishment, you’re going to want to talk to the Floral Supply Syndicate. When they started in 1939, they were strictly wholesale florists, but today they’ve grown to meet the needs of their retailers and now carry an entire line of wholesale floral products that includes craft materials, packaging materials, and holiday merchandise. Not to mention, they are able to serve everyone from retail florists to specialists like floral designers, interior designers, party planners, wedding planners, and gift basket packaging services.

The Multilingual Syndicate

English not your first language? Don’t worry. The Floral Syndicate has sales reps that are fluent in Spanish and Tagalog. Undeniably, they can assist you regardless of your English proficiency. Call their sales reps to communicate in your native language without fear or frustration today and get your order fulfilled with no stress.

Conveniently Shipped To Wherever You Are

The Floral Syndicate has multiple showrooms, and has two major strategic warehouses to fulfill orders and make sure that wherever you are in the US, there’s a way for your order to get to you. Specifically, their distribution warehouses are in Camarillo, California, and Saint Louis, Missouri.

Internationally Known

The Floral Syndicate also ships internationally, using USPS. However, international orders cannot contain glass. And glassware must be freighted through another contractor, because they cannot ship glassware through USPS.

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