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SeeBiz Companies: Fred 26 Imports

SeeBiz is a platform for innovative wholesalers from around the world. By putting their company on SeeBiz, wholesalers can activate a lucrative advertising channel for free that can help them connect with other companies and put their catalogs in front of their customers. One of our great companies in home appliances is Fred 26 Imports.

The Leader in Home Appliance Distribution

Fred 26 is one of the leading importers/exporters of home appliances in the world, with multiple big box retail and drug store clients.

Everything, Especially the Kitchen Sink!

Fred 26 has access to everything cookware related, from glassware, Tupperware, barbecues, appliances, and kitchen tools, with well known household name brands.

The Experience That Matters

Fred 26 has been in business for over 25 years as a worldwide leader in international kitchenware and appliance distribution.

Offices in California

You can visit Fred at their offices at 4401 S Soto Street in Vernon, California, Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5:30PM

What SeeBiz Does for Fred 26 Imports

Fred 26 Imports is a SeeBiz client, on the business to business network. SeeBiz helps by showcasing their product catalog online. Also, by helping Fred 26 Imports to network with other vendors in their industry. And promoting google search ranks by adding another channel for searches to hit.


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