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SeeBiz Companies: Gena Accessories

Accessorize Your Life

Gena Accessories is a fine fashion forward wholesaler of women’s accessories. Their product lines include shawls, ponchos, and scarves. They are one of the top women’s accessories importers in New York City and their connections to manufacturers allow them to create designs and use materials that other importers might not have access to. They’re veterans of the industry and have been in business since 1993.

What’s in a Poncho?

Women’s shawls, ponchos, and kaftans have become more popular as fashion items in recent years. Specifically, with the rise of bohemian fashion trends, and people have discovered that ponchos are comfortable, airy, light, and fun to wear.

A traditional poncho is a large blanket with a hole in it, sometimes with an attached hood, but there are variations on the theme. They can have the sides sewn shut to create sleeves, or can be cut in a kimono or kaftan style to make a different garment from a different style or culture that has the same basic idea. Whether it’s a scarf, a poncho, a kimono, shawl, or kaftan, the purpose of the garment is always the same- To be a comfy and airy cover up, or a substitute for a bolero or shrug.

The earliest discovered ponchos came from Pre-Incan times in Peru, around 500BC. In addition, they made their way up from Peru all the way through Middle America and were bought and traded for by Spanish explorers. Also, in the 19th century, a Mapuche poncho could be traded for several horses.

No Horse Required

Today, you need not visit Peru or Chile to trade horses for an authentic poncho or shawl. You can just visit Gena Accessories at 390 5th Ave in New York, New York, 10018. Or give them a call or submit an order. Without a doubt, they’ll have a variety of unique wholesale options at your fingertips.

Need to stock your boutique with unique trends in fashion? Find a wholesaler in your industry that can provide you a line on specialty goods on today.

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