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SeeBiz Companies: Good Stuff Apparel

Tired of trying to find the right wholesale solutions for your boutique retailer? Want to find a source that focuses only on boutiques, and not mass market big chain discount garment retail? Say no more, we’ve got the wholesale solution for women’s boutique fashion that you need.

Want Good Stuff? Call Good Stuff

Good Stuff Apparel is a full catalog boutique shopping experience. They specialize in boutique retail offerings from dresses, rompers, tops, bottoms, outerwear, athleisure, denims, plus size, American made, and trends. Their fashion buyers, importers, and manufacturers specialize in boutique retail trendy women’s fashion, and have been in business since 1985 supplying hundreds of boutique retailers worldwide with their wholesale solutions.

What is a Boutique? What is a Concept Store?

Boutique is a French word that means shop, as in a literal brick and mortar small retailer. The word boutique is based on an Ancient Greek word that means storehouse. A store that is considered a boutique is a small retailer that sells high price point, trendy, and upmarket goods, usually in fashion. These kinds of stores cater to trends and the latest fashions rather than focusing on accessible and low price garments for the general consumer that can be more typically found in department stores or big box discount stores.

In 1990, European boutique operators began experimenting with the idea of the concept store. A concept store is a boutique that sells items catering to a specific lifestyle across multiple departments, rather than focusing on a single category, like fashion. By 2000, many other luxury brands had caught onto the idea and now cross-sell items of different categories in the same shop to create one focused brand experience. These stores first appeared in Italy and Paris, but when the trend of the concept store caught on it became a global phenomenon. Examples of lifestyle concept boutiques include Urban Outfitters, Tiffany and Co, and The Gap. Lifestyle boutiques are common in upscale outdoor trends, like Australian surfwear company Billabong, and outdoor activewear and gear supplier Patagonia.

Are you the operator of a retail boutique that needs wholesale solutions for trendy, fashion forward garments? Find the wholesale solutions in your niche industry on and finish your search today.

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