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SeeBiz Companies: Habibi Fashion

The Wholesale Youth Special Occasion Vendor

Habibi Fashion is a fashion wholesaler and retailer of youth and adolescent apparel for special occasions. They specialize in baptism garments, communion garments, youth wedding attire, and quinceañera dresses.

Garments for Baptisms

Specifically, there are three methods of baptism, aspersion, affusion, and immersion. Aspersion is the sprinkling of droplets of water on a person’s head, usually an infant. In addition, affusion is the pouring of water on a person. Immersion is probably the best known form of baptism, where the person is completely dipped in a river or body of water. Baptism garments evolved from a need to fit the situation.

A Young Woman’s Dress

Quinceanera started as a coming of age ritual in Spanish speaking American countries. Specifically, the girl in the celebration is called the quinceanera, and the event is the fiesta de quince anos. Furthermore, in the USA, the Quinceanera herself and the name of the event are the same thing.

A Quinceanera is a combination of Latin and even some Aztec traditions. In addition, the Quinceanera usually picks her dress, and it’s usually a mix of traditional and modern fashions.

Showroom Open in LA

Moreover, come see the Habibi Boutique at 408 E Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles, California, 90015.


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