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SeeBiz Companies: Ideal Trading LLC.

Got toys in New York? They’ve got everything in New York, and they’ve got all the toys! Where do you go to get them? For your east coast wholesale toy solutions, you need to contact Ideal Trading LLC, a toy and youth sporting goods wholesaler in Brooklyn, New York.

The Ideal Trading Company for Ideal Toys

Ideal Trading LLC. has been in business for over a decade as Brooklyn’s home grown toy wholesaler. They have dedicated specialized sales teams to make sure you get the exact kind of product you need, whether it be summer toys, dolls, robots, role play items, dart blaster guns, die cast cars, educational toys and puzzles, or even their unique private brands like Kismo and Cathay Dolls. Call them up and talk to them, and see what your Ideal toy solution can be.

A Product That Markets Itself

The Barbie Doll was first sold by Mattel in 1959. It was created by Ruth Handler, who brought a Bild Lilli doll back from a vacation in Germany to develop a fashion doll for girls. Before Barbie, there was no such thing as a fashion doll. Girls played with baby dolls, or played with cutout paper dolls with dresses that were folded onto the doll to be easily removed and changed.

Barbie was a revolutionary force in the toy industry, not just because it became the world’s first and largest fashion doll brand, but also because it changed the fundamental way that toys were marketed. Before Barbie, advertisers and toy makers didn’t sell their toys directly to the child audience. They pitched the toy to the parents, because naturally the parents had the money. Barbie changed that. She was the first toy product that was pitched directly to the children. Who would then beg and nag their parents to buy them Barbie!

In the Shadow of an Icon

After Barbie’s revolutionary marketing strategy made her the most successful girl’s doll in the world, all other toy sellers and advertisers took note. They began to sell directly to children too.

If you’re in the business of toys, you’re in a hard business. Toys are a luxury item, and it’s easy to find reasons not to purchase them, because you don’t need them. But toys do have one significant market advantage. Specifically, their primary audience of buyers are children, and children are relentless consumers that are susceptible to advertising. Advertising that is done by market professionals, or just done by the child themselves seeing the toy on the shelf and wanting it.

Need wholesale solutions in your industry? Whether it’s metaphysical esoterica or plush toys and dart blasters, has the wholesaler you need to call.

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