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SeeBiz Companies: Inline Distributing Company

Do you need construction cleanup and hazmat cleanup gear, and a lot of it, at wholesale prices? Just in case you do, there’s only one distributor that has been serving the construction industry for 30 years that specializes in the wholesale of PPE, hazmat cleanup, general cleanup, floor coverings, adhesives, chemicals, and any other construction related cleaning needs you might have, as well as more general building supply needs, and that’s Inline.

Need to clean? Get Inline

Inline Distributing Company is located in Sylmar California and is the leading distributor of PPE, environmental remediation, and packaging products in the construction space in the western United States. If you need masks, tapes, bags of all kinds and the correct materials to safely dispose or sanitize on an industrial scale, then Inline is the company to call when you’re west of the Mississippi. Inline has 3 locations in California, 1 in Seattle, Denver, Detroit, New Jersey, Florida, Atlanta, Boston, and 2 locations in Texas. Their product catalog consists of all the trusted brands in the industry, like 3M, Dupont, DeWalt and Milwaukee tools, Nashua tape, and more.

Creators and sole source of the Big Joe Bag

Inline Distributing Company is the only place you can find their proprietary Big Joe garbage bags. These garbage bags are specifically designed for heavy duty construction and demolition cleanup and hauling away heavy and problematic debris that would destroy and shred right through a weaker, normal consumer garbage bag. Big Joe bags are made of a rip resistant 3 millimeter thick material (which is pretty thick for garbage bags!) and are designed to stand up to punishment and haul away all kinds of dangerous or hard to carry construction trash. 

Do you need a one stop distribution wholesale solution for your industry? Whether it’s fashion, construction, or even perfumes or party favors, you can visit SeeBiz.com and find the wholesale solution to fit your needs.

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