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SeeBiz Companies: Islands Fabrics

Do you need a unique wholesale solution for the finest, brightest, and most colorful designs in fabric from a specialty wholesaler? Need the coolest Hawaiian patterns or traditional Polynesian patterns?

North America’s Preferred Ticket to the Islands

Islands Fabrics is North America’s number one source of specialty fabrics for Polynesian traditional patterns and Hawaiian patterns. Whether its bright colors, cultural fabrics from Samoa, or just the coolest Hawaiian prints for apparel, Islands Fabrics is the wholesaler to talk to about securing a wholesale solution.

Islands Fabrics is oriented towards providing the solution for a variety of business models. They can sell deep discount by bolt or yard wholesale for special decor needs like weddings and special occasions, churches, youth groups, or funerals. They can sell by bolt to fabric retailers for traditional craft and sewing supply, and they have special arrangements available for entrepreneurs and manufacturers that want to use their fabrics in finished products.

No matter who the final consumer of the product is, Islands Fabrics has specialty sales people to liaison with to negotiate the best deal for your company’s needs.

Island Formal for Changes in Attitudes and Latitudes

Do you know how to dress appropriately for formal events on a tropical island? Whether it’s Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa, or anywhere else from French Polynesia to anywhere in the Pacific, there’s one formal dress code that everyone who lives life on the islands abides.

The first rule is that only tourists wear shorts. When you’re on the island, formal attire below the waist consists of white, cream, or other light colored slacks. Most cosmopolitan cities on islands also have this rule for street or everyday fashion when you’re not at the beach. Only the tourists wear shorts when they’re not swimming.

The second rule of island formal is that Hawaiian print button up shirts are formal attire. While they might be considered garish or a little loud on the mainland, in island life, a nice button up Hawaiian shirt is considered to be a perfectly acceptable piece of formal wear.

Do you need to go where there isn’t any snow? If you’ve gotta go where it’s warm for your wholesale solution for island fabrics, or for any other niche wholesale solution in your industry, log onto to meet your needs, no matter how unique.

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