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SeeBiz Companies: K&S Wholesale

Need wholesale solutions for telephone accessories, small electronics, speakers, toys and more? If you have a retail business and need to stock an aisle with general consumer electronics, impulse, and convenience items, you want to get in touch with K&S Wholesale.

K&S Wholesale: Distributing Phone Accessories and Everything Else

K&S Wholesale started out as a one warehouse operation in the Bronx that distributed phone accessories 15 years ago. Over their time, they’ve succeeded and opened two more warehouses and branched out from phone accessories to other product categories like speakers, earphones, gadgets, counter and floor display fixtures and jars, campaign branded gadgets and hats, and toys. They’ve become a one-stop shop for impulse and convenience consumer electronics and counter items and closeouts.

All About Impulse

What is an impulse purchase? An impulse purchase or impulse buy is any product a consumer makes that they weren’t planning to make when they walked into the store. Typical targets for impulse buying are objects like small gadgets and toys, candy, key chains, small office supplies or tools, and convenience organizers.

In recent times, with the proliferation of smart phones and computerized technology, the impulse buy sector has been flooded with consumer electronic accessories like phone buttons, earphones, bluetooth devices, phone cases, chargers, and cables. These simple electronics are great for their deep market penetration, because everyone has a phone and a need for more accessories to use it with. Phone and electronics accessories are great strategic tools for pushing margins at retail, and a pile of cables and cords can be the equal in margin to a single big box purchase like a tv set. You find items like impulse buy convenience electronics accessories at every retailer, from convenience stores to discount stores to big box electronics stores.

Need a wholesale solution for a niche category or strategic placement in your retail business? Find the right solutions and the products with the best strategies to sell through at SeeBiz.com, the business to business network for wholesale solutions.

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