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SeeBiz Companies: LA Lighter

SeeBiz is a platform for innovative wholesalers from around the world. By putting their company on SeeBiz, wholesalers can activate a lucrative advertising channel for free that can help them connect with other companies and put their catalogs in front of their customers. Nevertheless, one of our great companies in consumer products is LA Lighter.


Fuel For Your Wholesale Fire

This wholesale company is the premiere, home-grown original manufacturer, distributor, and wholesaler of high quality cigarette lighters, right here in the US. As a result, their range of products covers every kind of igniting device from disposable liquor store lighters to high quality refillable torches. They have torch flame lighters, regular flame lighters, two and three flame lighters, and every conceivable style in between. In addition, they also stock LED flashlights, for those times that require light, but not a flame.

On Fire in the City of Industry

To clarify, LA Lighter is located at 17705 boulevard in City of Industry, California, and has been lighting fires all over the country for almost 20 years.

What SeeBiz Does for LA Lighter

LA Lighter is a Seebiz.com client, on the business to business network. Specifically, SeeBiz helps LA Lighter by showcasing their catalog online. Also, by helping them to network with other vendors in their industry. And promoting google search ranks by adding another channel for searches to hit.

Is your business in the dark? Log onto Seebiz.com to light up your business contacts.

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