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SeeBiz Companies: Lev Trading LLC.

Keeping it Clean in the Tri-State Area

Lev Trading LLC. is one of the biggest wholesalers and distributors of home care, baby care, and health and beauty products in the Tri-state area. They sell everything from dish soap to hand soap to body soap and every soap in between. Q-Tips, shampoo, diapers, and detergents, when you need to populate your household goods aisle in your retail store, they’re the company to call.

Brand Name Power

Lev Trading LLC. carries all the most recognizable brand name home goods and hygiene products. Shop for razors from Gillette, Luvs and Pampers diapers, Advil and Tylenol brand name pain relievers, Always feminine products, Vaseline, and Arm and Hammer. Undeniably, if there’s a name brand cleaning product that needs to be on the shelf of your store, they have it.

A Short History of Soap

In the beginning, people washed themselves with water to clean their hands and bodies. Soaps were originally a luxury item for the rich, and were made of ash, animal fats, plants or oils. When the Roman Empire collapsed, soap technology in Europe was mostly forgotten. And soap did not come back into use among the general population until the 17th century.

Also, in the 1800s, chemists studied soap, and the manufacture of soap was improved and soap became more widespread and affordable. In the 1900s, washing machines were invented, and soap was used in them. Specifically, triggering more advancements in the science of soap to meet the needs of the machine. After World World II, detergents became more popular and widespread as household cleaning products. And, basically, soap went back to the bathtub and the sink where we have it today.

The Cleanest Place in the Tri-State Area

Lev Trading LLC is located at 1202 Airport Road, N Brunswick, New Jersey, 08902.

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