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SeeBiz Companies: Marketplace Liquidation

Are you a closeout or liquidation retailer or mom and pop dollar store? Do you need a wholesale solution for liquidation? Look no further than Marketplace Liquidation, the company that wholesales exactly what their name is.

Wholesale Liquidation

Marketplace Liquidation specializes in customer returns, closeout merchandise, and resale. They have substantial offerings by the pallet, the truckload, wholesale case lots, high value small lots, and small lots with low minimum order quantities.

On Sale in Minnesota

Wholesale Liquidation is strategically located in Minnesota to serve vendors from coast to coast. Their warehouses are in Crystal and Brooklyn Park. They can be visited by clients with a call to set up a scheduled appointment.

All About Discount Stores

In 1987, discount stores, the kind of retailers that Marketplace Liquidation serves, had 47% of the retail market. By 2010, they had 87% of the market.

Discount stores started in the 50s and became more and more popular through the 80s. During this period, most major department store retail chains began experimenting with a subsidiary discount store. Many of them eventually faded away later in the century, but some of them not only survived, they ate their parent companies and became the main retail model for their brand. Target and Kmart are examples of discount stores that started out as adjuncts but then eventually became the main vehicle for the investment company that owned them. Target’s parent company divested all their department store holdings and became the Target Corporation.

Modern Discount Stores

Today, discount stores are powerful in the brick and mortar retail marketplace. Thriving where online vendors like Amazon have killed off the once mighty department stores. In the 1990s, Walmart and Target both began focusing on the supercenter concept, creating an all-in-one store to serve the entire market with integrated auto centers, pharmacies, and restaurants. Now, almost all Targets and Walmarts are built along the supercenter model.

Fortunately, Walmart and Target are not the only discount brands. There is still room in the market for smaller independent and chain discount retailers to thrive. Despite not having the massive supercenter model of Walmart or Target, the Aldi chain of discount stores is the largest retail chain in the world, with over 10,000 stores worldwide.

Are you an independent discount retailer that needs an edge to compete in the market against the big chain titans of your industry? Or just a little fish in a big pond in any industry? Regardless of what your business is, you can meet your wholesale solutions on, the business network where customers find their wholesale contacts.

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