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SeeBiz Companies: North Star Printing

Are you a manufacturer or wholesaler that needs one stop printing, packaging, or fulfillment operations? Have you ever looked at your warehouse full of product and said, “If only there was someone who could print my logo on all this product and package it and send it to my customer for me?” Do you need these services all in one convenient location?

Follow the North Star

There is one company that exists primarily to make your life easier as a wholesaler, and that’s North Star Printing. North Star Printing prides themselves on being a printing, packaging, and fulfillment solution all in one. They are obsessed with staying up to date with the latest technologies in printing and logistics, and want to be your one-stop solution for branding and shipping your product, no matter what it is.

Do they deliver? As sure as the North Star is shining in the midnight sky, they do deliver. North Star Printing’s obsession with finding the best printing, packaging, and fulfillment solutions as a one-stop shop has been their mission statement since 1996, and they’re still here serving their clients.

The Start and End of Every Printing Need

North Star Printing can handle all of your company’s printing needs from the time you submit your order to the final destination of the logistics. Their formats and capabilities include handbooks, magazines, and pamphlets, press and media kits, and marketing materials. If it’s printed on a paper product, then North Star Printing has a die line for it, and an innovative high tech supply chain system that is fully integrated from start to finish. As soon as a proof is approved, Every machine on North Star’s system is accounted for. They will know everything about the project progress from the first piece of paper that goes into the printer to the last pallet of product that goes on a pallet for shipping.


Need a one-stop shop for catalogs, marketing material, media kits, or any other printed collateral? It’s a one button solution away from you, and you can find it at the wholesale solution network, www.SeeBiz.com. Where customers find wholesalers.

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