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SeeBiz Companies: Perfumes Los Angeles

Do you need a one stop wholesale solution for major luxury brand fragrances for your beauty boutique? Do you need a trusted supplier that has lines on big brand names like Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, and more?

Perfuming Los Angeles

If you answered yes to the questions above, then the wholesaler you need is Perfumes Los Angeles. Perfumes Los Angeles is one of the first fragrance wholesalers to ever open their doors in the modern perfume industry, and has been wholesaling major brand fragrances ever since. If you want to have the wow factor of a household name on your shelf but still respect your margins, you need a catalog from Perfumes Los Angeles.

The Mother of Modern Perfume

In the 16th and 17th centuries, perfume was worn by rich people that didn’t bathe very often to overpower the smell of their body odor with more pleasant aromas. As a consequence, the perfume itself was fragrant, strong, and overpowering. It was Coco Chanel who came up with the idea that perfume should be subtle and complement a person’s natural scent, rather than overpower and mask it. Her great idea would become the now famous perfume, Chanel No5.

Selling Perfume in LA Since 2000

Perfumes Los Angeles are veteran mens and women’s fragrance wholesalers originally from New York that have been in LA since 2000 and have been serving the fashion market from Los Angeles ever since. They are experts in scent science, with highly trained sales people on luxury brand name fragrances. They make sure that your shopping experience is always the peak of customer service and your orders always include the latest trends that will fly off your shelves.

Need brand name wholesale solutions in your industry? Whether it’s perfume, construction materials, home decor, or even stuffed animals to pack in those crane games at pizza restaurants, you can find the wholesale solution of your dreams today on

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