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SeeBiz Companies: Pickering International

Pickering International, or Pick Natural, the Natural Pick for Wholesale Textiles

Pickering International, also known as Pick Natural, is a textile wholesaler that specializes in sustainable and environmentally conscious wholesale solutions for textiles, bedding, and soft good products.

Naturally a Member of Green America

In addition, Pick Natural is a member of Green America, a nonprofit consumer advocacy watchdog organization that promotes sustainable products and ethical work practices.

Naturally Pick Hemp or Yak Down

Pick Natural has traditional offerings like organic cotton, organic linen, silk, and wool. They also have fibers from more interesting sustainable sources, like hemp and yak down.

You Can’t Keep a Good Yak Down!

Yak down is softer than cashmere, warmer than sheep’s wool, and more sustainable. It comes from the soft underlayer of fur that yaks shed every spring. It doesn’t even need to be shaved off like sheep’s wool, the yak sheds it naturally and the herders pick it up. Yak herds roam semi-wild across the Himalayan region in Tibet, Mongolia, and Bhutan, grazing free range at will. Each adult yak produces about one kilogram of yak down every spring.

Hemp, the Super Textile

Most people think of smoking when they hear about hemp, but hemp based textiles are incredibly strong. Hemp textiles last two or three times as long as cotton, they do not shrink, and they are resistant to pilling- the process when cotton makes tiny little lint balls on the garment that need to be brushed off.

Soy Protein Fibers

Soy protein fibers are made from proteins extracted from the soybean. There are many advantages to a Soy based textile. First of all, it’s sustainable, because soy is plentiful and easily farmed without harm to the environment. Soy fibers also combine the best features of natural fibers and synthetic fibers, they are comfortable and durable. Many natural fibers can have soy fibers blended into them to have their durability improved.

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