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SeeBiz Companies: Sace Fashion

Women’s Contemporary Fashion Wholesale

Sace Fashion specializes in the manufacture and wholesale of contemporary women’s apparel with a worldwide customer base. They focus on fashionable dresses, tops, and rompers.

What’s a Romper Anyway?

Specifically, the romper is a woman’s garment that exploded in popularity in the fashion scene in 2019 and swiftly took over retail and boutique fashion.

Rompers are single piece bodysuits similar to jumpsuits. A jumpsuit always has long sleeves and long pants legs. Because it is a work garment intended to cover the body and clothing underneath from stains and hazards in the work environment. Also, the romper is usually short sleeved with short pants. It can button or zip, or be as simple as a blouse or top sewn into a bottom to create a single garment. Rompers were originally a children’s garment, but grew into a variety of stylish designs when they grew up for contemporary women’s apparel.

Is a Romper Casual or Formal?

Yes and no. Without a doubt, the romper is at heart a casual garment. It’s quick to throw on, comfortable, and easy to wear, which is one of the factors in its recent popularity. Furthermore, it’s an ideal warm weather garment for spring or summer and casual nights out. The variety of styles in rompers now are staggering.

All About Sace

Sace Fashion is located in Los Angeles at 1200 San Pedro Street, LA, CA, 90015. They’ve been open since 2010. Also, they have 20 years of experience in the fashion industry.


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