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SeeBiz Companies: Sandol

Sandol: History

SeeBiz is happy to partner with a successful wholesale company in the licensed collegiate and fashion accessory industry. Sandol was launched over 20 years ago as a small family run business. They began their business as a small market wholesale fashion vendor. Sandol’s reputation and inventory has grown rapidly. This growth has allowed them to expand their wholesale product line. Their products now include the design and manufacturing of licensed collegiate merchandise.

Sandol’s customer base ranges in size and demand. Boutiques, small gift shops and independent online retailers buy their wholesale fashion and collegiate line merchandise. 14,000 satisfied customers love the quality of their merchandise. This is what keeps them coming back for the latest styles and trends.

Sandol: Products

Sandol has over 30,000 products in their inventory. As a result, they started their business with a small number of products and have seen their product catalog expand greatly. Their extensive wholesale inventory collection is always being updated to reflect the latest styles and trends in fashion accessories. 

For example, Sandol sources quality merchandise directly from the manufacturer for their fashion line. They design and manufacture all the merchandise in their licensed collegiate line. Sandol’s online store has all the latest styles and exclusive designs in their fashion and collegiate line. This includes handbags, jewelry, and accessories. Also, they have everything a sports fan needs to support their team in style. 

SeeBiz and Wholesale Fashion Accessories

For one thing, SeeBiz partners with a variety of wholesale fashion accessory businesses. We are proud to partner with a thriving wholesale business like Sandol. Above all, Sandol is a strong representation of how a wholesale brand can start out as a small business and grow fast. By using SeeBiz, Sandol has already gained the advantage in their industry. 

Specifically, through increasing online visibility they are able to increase their inventory of products too. For example, their unique wholesale licensed collegiate and fashion accessories makes Sandol a leader in the b2b industry. Our goal as a b2b platform is to connect businesses with wholesalers and retailers in their industry. As a result, SeeBiz helps wholesalers in the fashion accessory industry find more customers faster and easier. 

Connect With Sandol on SeeBiz

Regardless, Sandol is connecting with more wholesalers and retailers than ever before by using SeeBiz. That means more communication when it matters and more operational organization. If you’re a wholesaler looking to connect with a unique and successful wholesale fashion accessory company, then Sandol has the products you are looking for. 

Join SeeBiz today at to connect with wholesalers in your industry.

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