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SeeBiz Companies: Sasson Scrubs

Scrub Up with Sasson Scrubs

Sasson Scrubs is your LA based wholesaler for all medical wear needs. They wholesale scrubs, labcoats, and scrub tops from top workwear brands like Dickies and Mar Scrubs.

Custom Embroidery

Do you need custom embroidery for hospital or clinic uniform scrubs for your medical establishment? Sasson Scrubs is an in-house custom embroiderer that can meet your needs and deliver you wholesale embroidered scrubs. Call them for wholesale prices. They also custom embroider first name only on scrubs on demand for $1 per scrub to private, non-wholesale customers.

White, Green, and Everything in Between

When medical workers first started wearing scrubs, they were always made of white fabric. Later, surgeons made the switch to green scrubs because they were easier on the eyes and didn’t reflect a bunch of light from the big lamps in operating rooms, and also were a contrasting color to blood.

Nowadays, scrubs come in every conceivable color and pattern that a nurse could want. Some hospitals also have color coded uniforms, with nurses of different departments wearing different colored scrubs. It’s common for example, for nurses in maternity to wear pink scrubs. Some scrub colors are also traditionally avoided.

Red is very unpopular because it is the color of blood, and can make patients uneasy. Brown is also unpopular because it’s the color of other bodily functions. Black can be seen as morbid and overwhelming. Purple is a popular scrub color because it’s a fun color and isn’t associated with blood, death, or any other negative emotion a color might make you think of in a hospital.

Two Locations

Sasson Scrubs has two locations in Los Angeles just a block away from each other. The first is at 821 S. Cecilia street, 90014, and the second is at 1268 S. Los Angeles Street 90015, right off of Pico. 


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