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SeeBiz Companies: Silver Palace Inc.

SeeBiz is a platform for innovative wholesalers from around the world. By putting their company on SeeBiz, wholesalers can activate a lucrative advertising channel for free that can help them connect with other companies and put their catalogs in front of their customers. One of our great companies in jewelry wholesale is Silver Palace Inc.


Wholesale Jewelry Royalty

If you’ve got an entire royal family you need to plate head-to-toe in authentic sterling silver with necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, or more, you’ll want to make a stop at the Silver Palace. They’ve got a catalog of jewelry options so deep they could hang it on a rap musician’s neck in a music video. They specializes in 925 silver jewelry, as well as stainless steel and has been in business since 1997.

The Quality Is In the Numbers

All of the Silver Palace sterling silver jewelry pieces are 925 sterling silver, but what is 925 silver? 925 silver is a high quality silver composition that is 92.5% silver, hence the moniker “925 silver.” The remaining 7.5% is mostly copper. This is the highest quality of silver that jewelers work with.

Pure silver by itself is a soft metal, and is not very durable. In order to make high quality artistic pieces with fashionable designs, the silver is mixed with a harder, sturdier metal to provide durability. Every sterling silver piece from this company is a superior blend of 925 silver.

A Dynasty in Jewelry

Above all, Silver Palace isn’t just a palace, it’s an institution in the jewelry sector. Their showrooms are in the Los Angeles jewelry district. But the royal dynasty of this company is known in trade shows from coast to coast for their high quality men’s and women’s silver and stainless steel earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more. With a royal lineage since 1997, Silver Palace is still going to be here when the next king is crowned.

Silver Palace is SeeBiz.com Royalty

Silver Palace Inc. is a SeeBiz client, on the business to business network. SeeBiz helps Silver Palace Inc. by showcasing their catalog online. Helping them to network with other vendors in their industry. And promoting google search ranks by adding another channel for searches to hit.

Need to know if all that glitters is truly silver and gold? Log onto SeeBiz and find out.


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