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SeeBiz Companies: Steal Deal Inc.

Looking for a closeout deal on wholesale men’s fashion? Get the best brand name products for the lowest prices with Steal Deal Inc.

You need to Steal that Deal with Steal Deal

Steal Deal is your source for wholesale closeout hip-hip, urban wear, and men’s fashion for cash-conscious retailers that want brand name and musician branded apparel for back-of-the-truck prices. The Steal Dealers started in 2003 and have grown in the closeout industry ever since. They have warehouses in Los Angeles and New York that can serve their clients on either side of the country, as well as internationally. Their accounts include big chain discount retailers you’ve heard of, as well as over 1,200 mom and pop retailers.

Get Urban

Urban Fashion is a fashion movement that started in the streets, instead of in the studios and boardrooms of fashion designers and department stores. As Hip hop picked up steam around the 80’s on the east coast, rappers popularized it and continued to carry the torch for urban fashion and hip hop fashion to this day.

It’s Raining Men

Steal Deal specializes in hip hop and urban men’s wear, but they are relentless sharks with an eye for opportunity and are veteran buyers that snatch up any good deal on off-price men’s wear wherever they can, even if it’s not necessarily urban or branded by a musician. Their rotating stock of hot close out inventory includes essential name brands like Levi’s, Reebok, and officially licensed basketball and football jerseys from the home team high schools of your favorite athletic stars.

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