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SeeBiz Companies: Stylish Swimwear

Do you run a retail store or a stylish swimwear boutique? Do you need the latest in risque and fashion forward swimwear for modeling and lounging, or more simple, practical swimwear for comfort and beach wear?

Whatever your swimwear needs are, Stylish Swimwear is the manufacturer and wholesaler that can meet them. They specialize in women’s swimwear of all fashions and needs, from practical swimwear for sports and plus size, to the most chic new trendy cuts for instagram models like monokinis and high waists.

Big or Small, Swim or Shapewear

Stylish Swimwear offers name brand quality wholesale swimwear and shapewear for boutiques and big chain retailers at competitive prices, all from their home in the Los Angeles Fashion District. Call or email them with your questions, or find them on the SeeBiz network.

The History of the Bikini

The first recorded women’s bikinis were found in Ancient Rome in 5600 BC. One of the earliest known illustrations of a woman wearing a bikini is a fresco on a wall in the Villa Romana Del Casale. Specifically, the invention of the modern bikini is credited to French engineer Louis Reard in 1946. French women adopted the bikini readily, but the Catholic Church and the media considered it risque and scandalous.

Beauty pageant contestants wore bikinis in the first Miss World beauty pageant in 1951. Especially, world famous Hollywood actress Bridgette Bardot wore one at the Cannes Film Festival in 1953. Actresses continued to wear bikinis and receive press attention, and Ursula Andress wore the famous white bikini in the James Bond film Dr No in 1962. The bikini became more influential in popular culture until it became an accepted mainstay of contemporary swimwear fashion.

French fashion historian Olivier Saillard called the bikini the most popular beachwear around the globe. Moreover, according to retail and consumer information company NPD Group, the bikini accounts for 811 million dollars of business annually. Even though 85% of bikinis never actually touch the water.


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