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SeeBiz Companies: The Clothing Company

SeeBiz is a platform for innovative wholesalers from around the world. By putting their company on SeeBiz, wholesalers can activate a lucrative advertising channel for free that can help them connect with other companies and put their catalogs in front of their customers. One of our great companies in women’s fashion is the Clothing Company.

Contemporary Boutique Women’s Fashion

They specialize in contemporary women’s bottoms, dresses, jump suits, rompers, sets, and tops.

Same Day Fashion Shipping

The Clothing Company ships every order it receives by 11AM PST same day, so the early bird gets the worm.

Leading in Young Women’s for 30 Years

They have been open since 1991 as a wholesaler of young women’s fashion.

The Clothing Company Showroom open in LA

Their showroom is open in Los Angeles at 1105 Towne Ave, #103, Los Angeles 90021.

What SeeBiz Does for The Clothing Company

Specifically, SeeBiz helps wholesalers by showcasing their product catalog online. In addition, SeeBiz helps companies network with other vendors in their industry, without having to spend money at trade shows. Also, by promoting google search ranks by adding another channel for searches to hit.

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