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SeeBiz Companies: Titan Mixer

A Unique Solution To A Common Problem

Do you run a sporting goods or health and fitness retailer that wants unique and compelling products to get your customer in the door? Millions of fitness enthusiasts use protein drinks that they mix themselves, but these powders and supplements are prone to clumping and not mixing completely into a solution, and clogging up in straws. Now, there’s a unique product that solves this problem, and it’s a product that you can buy wholesale to put on your retail shelf and sell at your fitness center.

The Titan Mixer

The Titan Mixer is a unique fitness product. It’s a beverage container with a patented helix mixer device inside of it that completely mixes down and diffuses protein powder and supplements, so that every sip and slurp is smooth and creamy, with no deposits of clumpy powder. Even better, it’s a complete shake mixing solution. Every part of the container is cunningly designed to assist in the drink making process with funnels, easy to clean parts, and even separate lids and compartments to hold the precise amount of supplement powder when mixing. You’ll never make a mess when making a protein shake again.

Sounds Great, But Does It Wholesale?

Absolutely. Titan Mixer, the company and the product share the same name, offer wholesale accounts to retailers. Become a verified retailer of the Titan Mixer bottle today and put it on the shelf of your retailer, and make the gains to beat the competition.

A Short History of Protein Powder

For example, in the 1950s, Irvin P. Johnson created and marketed egg based protein powders for the bodybuilding craze that was taking off at the time.


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