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SeeBiz Companies: U&I Glory Trading

U&I Style

Are you a fashion boutique with a need for unique wholesale solutions for fashions from around the world? In addition, want to get powerful items from interesting cultures that will wow customers passing by your front windows? There’s only one place to shop for wholesale high quality boutique fashion from around the globe, and it’s U&I Glory Trading.

Worldwide Unique Styles in One Wholesale Boutique Offering

Moreover, U&I Glory Trading specializes in high quality boutique imported fashion trends from far flung countries all over the globe, with traditional cultural garments like African Kaftans, Mexican Ponchos and tops, Indian bead jewelry and accessories, Italian silks, and a variety of imported accessories, prom dresses, and feminine fashion staples with a cultural flair, sourced directly from the style’s parent country. When you order from U&I Style, you can rest assured that you always know you’re getting the most interesting and authentic product from the culture that originated it.

West African Kaftans

Kaftans are ancient garments of Asiatic origin that are popular throughout the world. Kaftans are very popular traditional garments in West Africa. Specifically, a pullover robe or dress that is of cotton brocade, lace, or synthetics.

All About Italian Silk

Legend has it that monks working for Emperor Justinian I smuggled silkworm eggs out of China in hollow canes to Constantinople. Because Italy became the greatest manufacturer of European silk in the medieval age, and supplied most of Europe’s silk market. The first Italian silk came out of the city of Catanzaro in the 11th century. Undeniably, the city became world famous as the largest silk producer in the world. And supplied all the silk used by the Vatican.

Specifically, the French silk capital of the 15th through 17th centuries was Lyon. King James I of England attempted to bring silk production to England by planting 100,000 mulberry trees, but failed because the silk worms didn’t like the trees.

Need eye-catching multi-cultural high fashion for your retail boutique, or any other specialist supplier in your industry? If it can be wholesaled, you can find the wholesaler on Log on today and find your wholesale solutions.

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