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SeeBiz Companies: Wholesale Auto Plates

Your License to Drive Sales

Do you operate an automotive supply retailer, or a home or craft store that has man cave style decor? Then you need to call Wholesale Auto Plates, the leader for all things automotive license plates, frames, and accessories.

All About Wholesale Plates

Wholesale Auto Plates has been a family owned and operated business for over half a century that has doubled and tripled in size over the year, and now has a product catalog 7,000 items deep. They are internationally recognized as the go to source for custom license plates products.

Make Your Car Represent Your Favorite Team

Wholesale Auto Plates has all the professional league licensing from your favorite sports teams to make your car or auto-themed home decor a fan.

Custom Orders? Can Do!

For example, wholesale Auto Plates fulfills custom orders for license plates, frames, and accessories. Not to mention, get custom plate frames for your dealership, team, school, or business to put your brand on your fleet vehicles. Moreover, Wholesale Auto Plates is the company to call for all your business needs.

A Brief History of License Plates

In 1893, France became the first country to issue number plates to vehicles. In 1901, New York mandated license plates. Undeniably, Massachusetts became the first state to issue government manufactured plates to vehicles in 1903. Before that, they were often leather, wood, or even porcelain. In 1971, the 3M company introduced the reflective chemical coating that makes license plates super-visible. Specifically, it became mandatory across the country.

Can you find a unique niche market wholesaler that has a product that your company needs? Find companies that offer wholesale solutions on everything from license plates to lingerie to even prison yard equipment on, the business to business network where retailers find every kind of wholesale solution.

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