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SeeBiz Companies: Zen and Meow

Do you need unique, trendy, bohemian or metaphysical decor and jewelry right meow for your hip and trendy customers? Then you need to talk to Zen and Meow!

Zen And Meow, Right Meow!

Zen and Meow is a fearless female fashion and novelty manufacturer and wholesaler. They are from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Specifically, crafting fine novelty products and jewelry for the metaphysical community. A former retailer, Zen and Meow shifted focus to wholesale to serve a wider audience. And now they offer their unique and artistic designs to a variety of trendy, chic, boutique retailers. If you need interesting and eye catching products in your windows to captivate young and curious buyers from eccentric lifestyles, then Zen and Meow is the wholesale solution for your boutique.

Let’s get Metaphysical

What the heck is metaphysics and how do you wholesale or retail it? Metaphysical trends have been on the periphery of spirituality and philosophy for a long time, but with rising interest in Eastern medicine, yoga, tai chi, and other meditation and relaxation techniques that help people calm themselves in a fast-paced, complicated, and high-tech world, metaphysical trends have been on the rise since 2018.

Retailers and boutiques that capitalize on metaphysical trends often sell eccentric and interesting products. Moreover, these products catch the eye like unique eastern art. Natural art objects like weaving and woodcuts, semi-precious stone and polished stone jewelry, yoga and meditation classes. As people grow less satisfied with their always-on fast lives, they reach out to new techniques to calm themselves and find meaning. Metaphysical trends are there to provide answers, and retailers in that space are there to provide the services.

Significantly, the ancient art of yoga dates back to India and is one of the six Astika schools of Hindu philosophical traditions. As yoga became more popular in exercise trends, it came under more recent scrutiny for its influence and effectiveness. In 2016, UNESCO listed yoga as intangible cultural heritage. Undeniably, studies have found that yoga exercise has positive effects for back pain and posture.

No matter how esoteric or trendy your retail space is, you can find the wholesale solution that fits your needs on If it can be wholesaled, then a customer can find it on the business to business network. Log in and get the easiest answers for your wholesale solutions today.

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